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West Chester is a hidden nugget in Pennsylvania that residents never want to leave and visitors are enchanted by. Experiencing charming shops like Eclat, where the tastiest and most decadent chocolate in Pennsylvania can be sampled. Or Baldwin’s Book store which is full to bursting of the most amazing selection of used books. Want unique gifts, apple cider donuts or adorable goats to feed? You can find all this at Highland Orchards. West Chester’s collection of quaint, little shops is endearing to all who come through. But what is not endearing are rodents. Movies sometimes try to portray them as cute and cuddly but you never hear how Cinderella later got hantavirus from her mice friends. It’s just a fact, mice spread disease and bacteria wherever they step and just having them in or near your home can greatly jeopardize the health of you and your family. You cannot take chances, you need immediate rodent control services when you suspect a rodent infestation.

The diseases rodents carry

The Center for Disease Control monitors diseases contracted by rodents and does a lot each year to educate the public on the dangers these pests possess. Worldwide, rodents are responsible for the spread of over 35 various diseases, all of which can make you very ill or be potentially life threatening. These diseases can be spread by the rodent itself or spread indirectly through ticks, mites and fleas that infest the rodent and then infest your home. According to the CDC, the best way to prevent rodent borne diseases is to hire professional rodent control in your home. Removing rodent infestations yourself can be very dangerous as you expose yourself to these diseases by simply being near the feces itself. The diseases are airborne near the rodent’s droppings and by cleaning up their messes and damage without proper protection, you put yourself at great risk. West Chester rodent control technicians with Pointe Pest Control remove infestations carefully, with no danger to you.

Expensive rodent damages can be avoided

As rodents become desperate for food, shelter, nesting materials and warmth—all of which your home can provide them—they use their strong teeth to get what they need. With just the tiniest opening no bigger than a nickel, they can squeeze into your home, shed or garage. Once inside, they begin their disastrous work of chewing through boxes and bins to get the food they need. They chew up papers and clothing to add softness to their nests before they give birth to their litters. And if that is not bad enough, they can chew holes through sheetrock, electrical cables and furniture to get where and what they are after. Once homeowners discover the rodent infestation, the damage repair can be very costly. On average, a rodent infestation costs several thousand dollars in damages, replacements and repairs. The cost of routine West Chester rodent control is just a fraction of this amount you may have to pay to clean up a rodent infestation. Professional pest control technicians can also give you great pointers on how to avoid rodent infestations in the future. To protect your home, rodent control services are vital.

Pointe Pest Control goes the extra mile

We love our customers and work hard to keep your home completely pest free year round. Success with a pest free home involves consistent treatments and inspections. Just because your home is pest free today, doesn’t mean a pest won’t sneak in tomorrow. Rodents are not just annoyance but a real hazzard you cannot risk. Call us today for all your pest questions, we look forward to serving you.

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