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As described by the Philadelphia Inquirer, West Chester, PA is “one of the world’s most perfect small towns.” The reason for this is that you have the quiet, peace and beauty of a small town with the shopping, dining and entertainment of a big city. The dozens of boutiques and shops are enough to fill many Saturdays with endless shopping delights. And no matter your craving, West Chester restaurants will satisfy it with over 65 award winning dining establishments. Combine all this with some of the most beautiful countryside in the United States and you definitely have “one of the world’s most perfect small towns.” But even perfection is not immune to tragedy. Finding a pest infestation within your home is a tragic circumstance. Homeowners typically spring into action mode. It’s time to remove it! Before you drop hundreds of dollars the store bought pest treatments, call Pointe Pest Control for guaranteed West Chester Pest Control. We will save you money in the end.

Professional pest control saves money

Spending the initial cost on preventative pest control seems unnecessary to most homeowners. When an infestation is found, DIY pest control efforts can go one for many months or years even. The cost of purchasing these ineffective treatments just eats at your bank account needlessly. Routine pest inspections can save thousands of dollars in the end. Pest infestations take millions of homeowners by surprise every year and eradicating said pest from their homes amounts to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in damage, loss and removal. By spending the small amount of money for routine West Chester pest control inspections, we can stop infestations in their tracks. Fighting pests in the early stages is much easier and less expensive than removing an established infestation. The longer an infestation is left to multiply, the higher your chances are of extensive home damage.

Not just your home at risk

Pest infestations do not just happen inside your home. Rodents love to get into garages and sheds, making a mess of everything they come in contact with. They rip into bags, boxes and bins looking for food, shelter and supplies for their nests. If you find a rodent infestation, you should call professional West Chester pest control ASAP. Do not go near the mess as you will expose yourself to the airborne diseases rodents leave behind in the feces. Other pests that infest in your yard are mosquitoes, bees, wasps, ticks and spiders. Encountering any of these pests not only means pain but can mean very serious health consequences. Wasps and bees deliver painful stings that leave you in pain for days. If you or your family members are allergic to these stings, you cannot take chances with wasp or bee infestations.

Ease your mind with professional care

Pointe Pest Control technicians can easily find areas around your home and yard where pests are easily attracted, treat these areas and decrease the pest population drastically around your yard and remove the problem entirely in your home. It’s time to stop stressing about the pest infestation war. Let our friendly technicians fight this for you.

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