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When you think of historic icons in Wayne, your mind might turn to the Wayne Hotel. In 1987 it was added to the National Register of Historic Places and has been a part of Wayne for more than 100 years. With all the amenities of modern hotels, you can expect a luxurious stay at the Wayne Hotel. Another icon of Wayne is our wasps. They have been around for much more than 100 years, and will continue to cause problems for homeowners and business owners alike. If you are battling problematic wasps, you might begin to feel like it is a losing battle. Don’t worry though, if you want iconic wasp control in Wayne, you count on Pointe Pest Control. Eliminating wasp infestations is our kind of thing. Wasps won’t stand a chance when you call in the professionals with Pointe Pest Control.

When Wasps Come to Visit

Wasps love building their papery homes around your home. Wasps are on the lookout for places that are safe from the rain. That means the most common places are on the eaves of your home. If they can find a way into your attic, they will like that even better. If you have playground equipment in your yard with openings in the metal, they might try to make a nest inside. Wasps will even use dense vegetation if there is nothing else around. Pretty much, if there is a location where they are protected from the rain, wasps can use it as a nesting site. One of the biggest problems with wasps is those nasty stingers. During the spring and early summer wasps are pretty docile and will leave you alone if you leave them alone. Everything changes in late summer and fall. The wasp nest is now at peak production. There are a lot of hungry wasp larva to feed, and wasp aggression levels increase. They will attack you with little provocation. If you get a bit close to their nest, you might find yourself surrounded by hordes of stingers. Wasps will sting anything they think is a threat. Your children, pets and visiting friends could all wind up getting stung. Stings are painful, and can become deadly if anyone suffers an allergic reaction. The good news is that you do not have to live with a wasp infestation. Take the first step in protecting your friends, family and pets. All you need to do is call Pointe Pest Control and watch as we eliminate any wasp threat.

Pest Control you can Count on

We do it right the first time. We work with you to create a comprehensive treatment plan that will keep knock the wasps out of the sky. We provide iconic wasp control in Wayne and having been doing our part to protect people from wasp infestation for years. Our technicians are highly skilled and trained to deal with wasp infestations. We use the most current and proven methods when dealing with wasps. We have all the tools and equipment to keep us safe and eradicate wasp colonies. Safety is important to us, so we use eco-friendly control methods. We want you and your family to be safe, so we use all natural products that are super effective at eliminating wasps. We work to protect the environment, while providing iconic wasp control in Wayne. When you have an issue with wasps and you want them gone, give us a call. We work to provide excellent customer service and wasp control you can count on! When you want to get serious about eliminating wasps, think Pointe Pest Control.

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