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You can see forty-eight acres of botanical wonder when you visit the Chanticleer Garden in Wayne Pennsylvania. You can see a variety of flowers and other plants displayed with splendor. Did you know that in order for gardens to thrive they have to have an extensive pest control program? If they don’t keep the bad bugs in check, they will ruin the flowers and other vegetation. The same can be said of your home. Did you know that the termites cause around 4 billion dollars’ worth of destruction every year in America? While Carpenter Ants are not as prolific as termites, they can still ruin the wood in your home. If you get a nest of honey bees behind your exterior walls, all that weight in honey and honey wax can cause damage as well. The best way for you to protect your home from pest infestations is to contact Pointe Pest Control. When you need pest control in Wayne, you need us.

The Power of Pointe Pest Control

First off, we are not your ordinary pest control company. The first thing that sets us apart is that we are local. That gives us an added benefit. We understand the local pests that ruin homes in Wayne. We work with home and business owners toward their Wayne Pest Control needs. The second thing about us is our dedication to providing you with expert pest control. We spend time, resources and energy identifying the newest and best ways to control infestations. We eradicate rodents, annihilate arachnids and blast away bugs. If you begin noticing unknown bugs in your home, give us a call. Our knowledgeable technicians will be able to identify the pest and help you create a custom treatment plan. When it comes to pests, the last thing you want to do is use only one method for control. One method will only get you so far, that is why we use a variety of pest control treatment options so we can blast away the bad bug and get your home back to a bug free environment. The best step to protecting your home is by calling Pointe Pest Control.

Protect your Health and Sanity

Not only are pests attempting to ruin your home, they are also after your health. Black widow spiders have potent venom, while mice, rats, and cockroaches transmit hundreds of different diseases and parasites. Bed bugs do not transmit any diseases, but the psychological stress of having an insect feed on you at night is enough to ruin your chance at a good night sleep. An infestation of house crickets can force you to never sleep. Pretty much, if you have a pest problem then we have a solution. Our dedication will speak for itself as you watch our superior work ethic in action. By calling Pointe Pest Control for your pest control needs in Wayne, you will be unlocking the secret to pest free home. When you want to say goodbye to pests, or keep them from getting into your home, give us a call.

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