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There is no shortage of things to do in Warminster. We have numerous parks and a couple of museums. Also, there is definitely not a shortage of bugs in Warminster. It seems like as soon as the weather begins to warm up, your home gets assaulted by insects, arachnids and rodents. As terrifying as a pest infestation can be, there is good news. If you want to keep the pests out of your home or business, Pointe Pest Control is your go to source for pest eradication. When home and business owners need pest control in Warminster, they turn to Pointe Pest Control.

Problem Pests

There are so many pests out there. The reason they are called pests is because the ruin your stuff and spoil your food. If you find an unknown pest, we can identify it and create a treatment plan that will send the pest packing. Here is a list of some of the known pests we can eliminate.

Black Widows and Spiders: Those long spindly legs, inky dark color, and vivid red marking is enough to give anyone nightmares, but knowing they can send you to the hospital means you need Pointe Pest Control to provide our specialized spider elimination treatments. We know where to find their nests and how to get them out of your home.
Wasps and Yellow Jackets: No one likes getting stung. If you or a member of your family is allergic to wasp venom, you need our professional stinging pest elimination services. Wasps build their papery nests on the eaves of your home, or behind your exterior walls. Hornets will create a ball shaped nest in your trees and shrubs. Yellow jackets are super aggressive and they like to build their nests underground in old rodent dens.
Mice and Rats: Simply put, rodents spread serious diseases. The last thing you want is for them to get into your home. Mice can get into your home through a hole the size of a nickel. Rats can fit through a hole the size of a quarter. One of the techniques we use with rodent control is exclusion. We find their entry points and seal up your home or business. This stops future infestations from occurring. Once their entry points are sealed, we eliminate the mice, rats, or other rodents that are trying to ruin your health.
Other Pests: We have specialized treatments for bed bugs, cockroaches, carpet beetles, flour beetles, ants, termites, ticks, fleas, you name it. With Pointe Pest Control, we focus on creating a custom treatment plan that uses a variety of treatment approaches. We hit the pest at every life cycle and at every hiding spot. Using multiple targeted treatments, means we hit the concern pest with pinpoint accuracy.

Pointe Pest Control

We target your Warminster pest control needs in your home or business. The last thing you should be worrying about are pests. With Pointe Pest Control on your side, you can reclaim your home or business and get back to enjoying life. If you have an infestation, give us a call.

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