Pest Control Treatments

Pests are small but terrible guests in a home. Some are small enough and can be unobserved and there are large pests, but no matter the size, they can create significant damage to a home and risks to a family. If left uncontrolled, pests can destroy properties, cause health problems and create nuisances. Because of this, pest control is a necessary action for homes with pest problems.

Pointe Pest Control offers a variety of pest management services in and the surrounding areas. Most common pest problems solved are termite control, ant control and rodent control but there are also a variety of other pests that can attack a home and create home and health hazards.

Professional Pest Control

Pointe Pest Control addresses all pest problems beginning with a comprehensive inspection by well-trained licensed technicians who can identify and locate pest harborages in a home. After a full inspection Pointe Pest Control technicians create a customized treatment plan for the home considering the current problem and needs of the household. Since different homes have different problems and needs, this has become part of the progressive solutions offered by Pointe Pest Control to effectively and efficiently solve pest problems. With a customized treatment plan, complete control protection is assured.

For full protection, Pointe Pest Control technicians treat not only the inside of a home but also outside since most pests harbor colonies or attack from the outside. They take care in treating the external perimeter to discourage pests from returning and re-attacking the home.

Pest Control Treatments

Treatments for pest control are offered with one-time solutions for current pest problems or with maintenance plans for regular servicing. Those availing of maintenance plans have the advantage of free re-servicing in-between scheduled maintenance visits.

With its dedication to quality, Pointe Pest Control uses industry-approved products that offer optimal results in eliminating pests with minimal impact to the environment. Organic solutions are also available although may not be applicable to all types of pest problems.

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