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Readington, New Jersey is a sleepy, little town right out of the storybooks. The town has a population of just over 14,000 but for being as small as it is, it ranks in the top 100 highest income places to live in the United States with a population over 10,000. That is evidence as you explore Readington and gaze upon the many opulent homes. The beauty of the farmland contrasting with stately manors and historic buildings gives this town a unique charm. As one of the few towns in our nation settled in the 17th century, Readington has a past rich in history and stories. Something that has always been a part of the past and is ever present today are pests. Pests were a big problem then and they are a big problem now. It has and always will be a fight to keep pests out of our homes and as much as we try, we cannot remove them from off the face of the earth. No need to surrender however, we can fight and we will win. Modern pest control is leaps and bounds ahead of pest control techniques in comparison to the last several centuries. Even in the last several decades, pest control has made huge strides as it has become more effective as well as safer.

Pest control has come a long way

There is evidence into the 2500 B.C. that farmers used sulphur to kill crop pests so we humans have been trying for a long time to get pests to leave us and our food alone. As time went on, we would try mixing things together to find with elation that it did in fact, kill pests. However, over time we realized its harmful effects on our health. In the 1600’s, farmers were infusing tobacco with arsenic and herbs for pest control and we all know today just how deadly arsenic is. By the 1800’s we graduated to arsenic mixed with copper sulfate to kill crop beetles, but again…arsenic. By the 1950’s and 1960’s, the “green revolution” started and people started finding ways to safely control pests without putting out health at risk. Since the 50’s, advancements in pest control have made it so we can target the specific pest without harming anything or anyone else. That peace of mind is invaluable! When you have a Readington pest infestation, the last thing you want to do is spread dangerous chemicals around your home, especially if you have children or pets.

Safe, effective pest control in Readington

Pointe Pest Control offers the most advanced pest control available. Just like you can’t use one medicine to cure all your ails, you cannot use one treatment method to deal with all pests. Our technicians are are experienced and educated in all types of pests that infest your home or business. We want to rid your home of pests ASAP because our caring staff knows how upsetting a Reading pest infestation can be. Do not delay, reach out to our professional Pointe Pest Control staff today.

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