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Princeton, NJ is home to the famous Ivy League Princeton University. The university a big part of the community since the mid 1700’s and is a dominant and positive presence among residents for many generations. Loyalty in Princeton runs deep when football games against either Rutgers or Harvard are played. Orange and black are not Halloween colors in this town. Diehard fans with decades worth of allegiance show up for games decked out in the school colors of orange and black. Residents are definitely proud of their hometown and who wouldn’t be in a city so beautiful? Princeton residents and employees do a beautiful job of maintaining their city. Underneath all the beauty of Princeton, pests still exist in great numbers. No neighborhood is resistant to the potential invasion of pests.

Pest infestations are dangerous to your health

Rodents are one pest that can cause infestations of other pests. First of all, a rodent infestation in itself is quite dangerous. Rodents carry more than 200 diseases and even just being in the same vicinity as their feces, can cause devastating health consequences. Hantavirus is one particular disease you can contract while just inhaling the air around contaminated rodent fecal matter. Hantavirus is potentially fatal so rodent infestations should never be handled without proper protection. Professionals at Pointe Pest Control rid your home of rodents safely with extreme precaution. If you have a rodent infestation however, this pest can also propagate infestations of other pests such as mites, ticks and fleas. Do you suddenly have a flea problem in your house or on your pets? There could be an underlying cause.

Allergic to pests?

Did you know that some pests can make your allergies or asthma worse? Or if you have never suffered from allergies before, you might suddenly notice that in your home, allergies have attacked. This could be because you allergic to cockroaches. 7-8% of the population is allergic to the allergens cockroaches produce. In fact, a study conducted by the AFAA found that the growing incidence of childhood asthma is largely due to roach allergens. Roaches also carry and spread disease wherever they go as one of the filthiest pests you can have invade your home. They are incredibly difficult to self treat as they are excellent hiders. They crawl into light sockets, behind wallpaper, into books and wherever else they avoid detection. Cockroaches also eat basically anything, including fabric, paper and glue in bookbindings. They are not picky.

Princeton pest control brings back contentment

There is nothing like finding a pest infestation to make you feel violated and uneasy when you would like to relax in your home. Knowing that experienced technicians will completely and efficiently take care of your pest problem brings much comfort and contentment. It is like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders when you find out that our friendly Pointe Pest Control technicians have evacuated those filthy squatters from your home. Do not live another day with those loathsome creatures. Call us today!

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