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That loud buzzing, the flash of yellow and black, in an instant, no matter your feelings toward wasps and bees, there is that immediate feeling of fear. Some people calmly move away as to not incite panic in the stinging insect while other may become complete lunatics, screaming and running away as fast as they can. We all have seen someone react both ways, the latter of course receiving more laughs and ridicule. But can you really blame them? No one wants to be stung and instinctively, our minds know that these insects equal pain and danger. Wasps however, feel much scarier because unlike bees, they repeatedly sting and some can be quite aggressive, trying to force you away from their hive or nesting place. With more than 30,000 identified species of wasp, most of them are solitary and not aggressive. If you find that there is a wasp nest around your home and there are many of them coming from one nest, you need to take great care because these are social wasps. Social wasps will alert the whole hive to attack where they feel threatened. It’s important to know what kind of wasps you are dealing with and the experts at Pointe Pest Control are happy to help you figure out where they are coming from and what kind you are dealing with.

Tips to keep wasps away

To stop wasps from building nests around your home, you need to figure out what is attracting them. If it is possible to remove common attractors around your home, that is where you should start as your first step of wasp control Phoenixville. Here are a few things that attract wasps to your home:

  • Uncovered trash cans: Wasps love to forage in stinky, meaty, sticky garbage cans. They love greasy and sweet foods so if they can get to your leftover garbage and food scraps, this is like a gold mine to them.
  • Overripe fruit: If you have a fruit tree, it’s only natural that some of the fruit will fall to the ground when it’s ripe. Cleaning up the over ripened fruit each day will help keep wasps away. If they find soft and sticky fruits ripening in the sun, dripping with juices, this is a huge attraction.
  • Remove hummingbird feeders: These feeders are a fun way to attract those beautiful, tiny birds to your home and quite a fascination to watch, however, wasps love these sweet nectar feeders too. If you are having a wasp problem, chances are, they are getting a drink or two from this feeder as well.
  • Fill in any yard holes: Some wasps burrow in the ground and finding an abandoned rodent hole or burrow is a great start for them. Fill in these holes to stop them from starting a new home.
  • Avoid perfumes or sweet smells: If you find yourself at the center of a wasp’s attention, it could be because of your scented lotion or perfume. These insects are especially attracted to sweet and perfumey scents because typically they mean delicious, syrupy foods.

Effective wasp control methods to employ

Once you have identified any attracting sources in your yard, it’s time to use effective wasp control and protection and that is best found in the form of your friends at Pointe Pest Control. Our technicians use only the safest methods in wasp removal so as to not incite a panic in the hive and promote the hive to swarm. Wasp removal needs to be done very carefully. If you have seen wasps around your yard but are unsure if you have wasp nests close by, Pointe Pest Control experts will thoroughly inspect your yard and home, looking in the most common spots wasps build nests. These insects are predictable if you know what to look for and understand their behaviors. Call us today for the most experienced Phoenixville wasp control and keep your yard protected year round from these stinging insects.

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