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It’s becoming harder and harder to find small towns that have preserved that charming, antiquated old town feel. Many cities and towns rip out the old and begin to modernize things, removing the historical look of the past, but not Phoenixville. As one of the oldest towns in America, settled in 1732, there is much of our nation’s rich history woven into the streets and buildings. Phoenixville’s town center still retains that quaint reminiscence of carefully preserved, antiquated buildings while still embracing the modern, technology of today. But one thing that has not changed from the Phoenixville of then and now are pests. Early settlers struggled to keep pests and rodents out of their homes and farms and residents today still battle the same plague but the big difference is that today with our moderns methods and treatments, we can be successful at achieving a completely pest and rodent free home with the right approach and effective Phoenixville rodent control.

Only YOU can prevent rodent infestations

Every 80’s kid remembers Smokey the Bear telling them that it was within their control to prevent forest fires. The same is also true for rodent infestations. Keeping a rodent free home is not that difficult but it does require vigilance and some careful attention on your part. Pointe Pest Control can remove any rodent infestation but if you as a homeowner aren’t taking these careful steps to keep rodents away, they will just keep coming back. Here are a few steps to preventing rodent infestations in your home:

Seal your home.

Mice look for any way they can get into your home possible. Small holes are cracks in your home are the perfect invitation. Checking your home’s exterior, windows and doors frequently for small crevices is vital. If you home has a crawl space, this is an especially vulnerable spot.

Remove yard debris.

Wood piles, junk heaps and debris around your home where rodents can hide, are recipes for infestations. Rodents need shelter and hiding places for their offspring.

Trim overgrown shrubs and grasses.

Wild, unruly bushes and foliage are magnets for rodents. Maintaining your landscape keeps removes cover for all rodents and other pests.

Use natural rodent deterrents.

Rodents dislike the scent of garlic, peppermint and cloves so planting such things can discourage them from coming around. Cats are another natural obstruction as the rodents are not only afraid of them but can smell them and stay away.

Keep inside tidy.

Cleaning is not the most fun of activities but keeping your home swept, vacuumed and clutter free will deter rodents. A clean home gives them fewer places for protection and less to be attracted to.

Keep food and edibles out of reach.

Rodents need food and will do anything to get it. Pet food left out, crumbs on the floor, unsealed garbage cans and foods kept in cardboard boxes are huge enticements to rodents.

By following these simple steps in between thorough Pointe Pest Phoenixville rodent control inspections will ensure you home will be safe and protected from expensive rodent infestations.

The best rodent control Phoenixville offers

Pointe Pest Control technicians are knowledge and skilled at finding rodent hiding places. If you are finding chew marks, droppings and evidence of their nests but can’t actually find these nasty, disease carrying vermin, our professional experts will help you. You need fast Phoenixville rodent control if you have rodents in your home. The damage they can do if left uninhibited can be very costly. To keep your family, home and investments safe, call Pointe Pest Control today for fast and friendly help.

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