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Phoenixville, PA, originally named Manavon, was settled in 1732. It was a great industrial center, home to many manufacturing plants and those humble workers built homes and lived simply. The city’s rich heritage and hardworking roots have made the town into what it is today. It’s a great thing to be proud of and it’s shaped Phoenixville into a beautiful place to live, work and raise a family. But when you have two gigantic, hard working civilizations colliding—such as humans and ants—that’s when problems arise. Maybe those ants feel like they were there first and WE have invaded THEIR home so they can steal from us. In the fight for domination though, humans win. Our homes are our territory and keeping those equally territorial pests out has been a fight that we have been going at for centuries. Due to their small size, ants can squeeze into the tiniest of cracks. This is one of the reasons ants are the most common pest amongst homeowners. Unless your home is sealed tight, they can get inside a little too easily unless you have expert Phoenixville ant control.

There is never just one ant

Have you ever noticed that whenever an ant is to be found, he is never alone. This is because ants work together. They communicate with pheromones, which they can smell and each pheromone means something. It’s almost like scented telepathy. Can you imagine if humans communicated this way? Instead of calling your kids for dinner, you’d excrete a scent of roast beef. If danger was coming, you’d produce a scent of…gasoline. We don’t even want to talk about the pheromone we would produce if we were telling our kids their rooms were a pig sty. This is how ants communicate, by sending these hormonal chemicals which they emit to convey important messages like “I found food!” or “Be careful, there’s danger!” This is why when an ant finds food, suddenly there are hundreds to thousands of ants swarming to get a piece of the treasure to take back to the colony. Similarly, when you try to get rid of these ants with DIY ant control, it can sometimes backfire. These ants emit the danger pheromone and soon the colony is under high alert. It can cause them to scramble, spread and go in search of a new home. This chaotic reaction sometimes scatters the colony, breaking them off into separate sub colonies where they create a new queen. You could then potentially be dealing with multiple colonies and an even bigger problem.

Leave it to the Phoenixville ant control experts

Pointe Pest Control is extensively educated in ant behavior and infestations. We know their most likely points of entry, how to guide you in sealing and protecting your home and how to remove ants completely from your home. It is important to understand however, that just because your home is ant free today, doesn’t mean that in a couple months it will still be so. Ants are determined little creatures and when desperate for food to feed their colony, they will try everything to get inside. In order to keep your home pest and ant free year round, you need to schedule routine Phoenixville ant control inspections to make sure that ants haven’t snuck into your home while you weren’t looking. Just like you mow your lawn once and expect to never mow again, the same is true with pest control. Some things must be constantly maintained and inspected. A completely pest free home requires constant vigilance, professional care and treatments to keep pests and ants away. Call Pointe Pest Control today to set up ant control in Phoenixville year round. We look forward to serving you.

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