Ant Control in North Brunswick

If you have never seen a bamboo forest, you can get that experience at the Rutgers Gardens off Ryders Lane right here in North Brunswick. As the official botanic garden of Rutgers University, Rutgers Gardens will allow you to see vegetation and ornamental plants at their finest. Seeing nature, where it belongs is a great thing, if it comes into your home then that is a different story. If you have marauding ants parading through your kitchen you will begin to despise the invasion of nature into your home. Winning the war against ants is easy when you call in the professionals with Pointe Pest Control. Ants cannot win when we are on your side.

The Ant Force

Ants are one of the most effective insects on the planet. They have spread to every continent except Antarctica, and live on almost every island. One of the most effective strategies that ants have is their social structure. Every act by each ant is for the betterment of the colony. Each ant works tirelessly to find food, transport food, care for larva, or improve the colony. The queen is responsible for egg production. Her entire job is to create more eggs to replace fallen workers. Your vacuum might be a great way to eliminate worker ants in vast numbers, but the queen can replace every fallen ant. Ant colonies can house anywhere from a few thousand to a few million. With all of those mouths to feed, ant colonies are continuously looking for food. If you miss a few crumbs, or forget to sweep your kitchen floor, ants will find the free food. In severe infestations ants will raid pantries, climb onto countertops, and get into open cereal boxes or other food containers. Ants definitely come equipped to take over your home. When you need local ant control in North Brunswick, you can rely upon the professionals with Pointe Pest Control. Ant eliminations are our specialty.

Pointe Pest Control for Local Ant Control

Ants might be bad, but we bring good news. Pointe Pest Control is your source for local ant control. Being local means we understand the ant issues that are common here in New Brunswick. We have the tools to battle and win any ant war. If you feel like your home is being overrun, we can rely on our expert skill at ant eradication. When dealing with ants, we combine a variety of treatment options into a comprehensive treatment plan. By combining treatments, we can target ants from egg to adult. When all of their life stages are hit, the colony will crash. In addition, we eliminate the queen of the colony. This disrupts the social order of the ants and stops them from adding new soldiers to invade your home. We can even add a protective barrier around your home to keep the ants from coming back. With Pointe Pest Control, you will be able to win the battle against ants and reclaim your home. We are serious about eliminating ants the right way the first time. When you call us, we come ready to work with years of experience, the right certifications, and all the equipment we need to take the fight to the ants. Our scientifically proven treatment methods are effective and powerful. You can schedule a free inspection by giving us a call today. With Pointe Pest Control on your side, you can finally have that ant free kitchen you are dreaming about. When you want real ant control in North Brunswick, you need Pointe Pest Control on your side.

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