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You can take a leisurely walk and see the outdoors in Newtown, a town originally founded to give people a place to live outside of the city and to help support the agriculture, and see an incredible amount of nature. Nature is fine when it stays outside where it belongs. When you go home and can hear the sounds of house crickets chirping under your bed, or the sound of mice scurrying through your attic, or your own screams when you wake up covered in itchy bed bug bites, that is when you realize that nature needs to stay outside where it belongs. If your home has become a den for insects, spiders, or rodents, the solution is simple. All you need is your phone. Once you have you’re your phone in hand, call Pointe Pest Control. When you need pest control in Newtown, our professional technicians are ready to address any pest infestation. That’s right, no matter how small or how large we have the equipment and training needed to eradicate pest infestations.

The Pesky Pests

If you wake up with new bite marks, you might have bed bugs. Don’t worry. We have a variety of treatment options to eliminate them. If your kitchen is moving every time you turn on a light, because cockroaches now own your kitchen, our technicians will know what to do. When spiders are making you afraid to walk through your own house, we have a solution. At Pointe Pest Control we have specialized treatments for spiders, ticks, bed bugs, termites, mice, rats, yellow jackets, wasps, hornets, ants, termites, centipedes, millipedes, carpet beetles, earwigs, silverfish, house crickets, box elder bugs, cockroaches, stink bugs, and clover mites. If your pest isn’t on that list, don’t worry. Our technicians are trained to be professional problem solvers. With a little research we will be able identify a foreign pest intruder and create a unique treatment plan. It is all about being unique. As you know, not all pests are created equal. Because every pest is different, every home is different, and every business is different, we create a unique treatment plan that is specific to your circumstances. Our technicians are adaptable. They have to be, because pests are always changing. That means we are always altering our treatment approaches to make certain they are the most effective. We spent a lot of our energy finding the most current and effective treatment methods so we can be prepared when we arrive to your home.

Pointe Pest Control

We have been in the pest control business for a long time. Our technicians have years of pest eradication experience. For you, that mean when you give us a call you are putting our years of experience to work for you. We understand how pests live, we understand how they think, and we know how to get them out of your home. We can even take steps to make certain that the infestation won’t be able to come back. When you want real pest control in Newtown, you need Pointe Pest Control.

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