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Newark, Delaware is a beautiful old city with rich history. With a long list of exciting attractions and things to do, there is no possible way to get bored here. In search of an adventure? Recognized as a center for US figure skating you are sure to find talented athletes . When it comes to adventuring, your home can satisfy the needs of all pests. They see your home as an adventure and they just cannot wait to travel through every piece of your home. Keeping them out requires constant vigilance on your part and the expert eyes from Pointe Pest Control. It is definitely possible to live in a pest free home with experienced Newark pest control by your side.

Pest prevention starts with you

While your Pointe Pest Control technician is skilled at preventing and removing pest infestations in Newark, you as a homeowner, can do a lot to prevent pests from becoming a problem in your home. Here are some tips:

  • Seal food tight: Keep food in airtight containers with a tight lid so pests cannot get into your food.
  • Sweep and wash crumbs: Ants and other pests love your leftovers so keep the floors and counters crumb free.
  • Inspect the home for cracks: Frequently examine the exterior of your home for crevices and cracks. Repair immediately.
  • Seal doors and windows: The seals and weatherstripping on doors and windows can break down over time. Make sure these openings into your home are shut tight.
  • Avoid standing water: Any leaks or standing water in or around your home should be repaired and dried to prevent water loving pests from accumulating.
  • Keep landscaping clean: Clean up debris, overgrown shrubs and grasses and other piles of wood or leaves. Pests love these areas as it gives them places to hide.
  • De-clutter your home: Clutter and piles in your home are great places for pests to hide. Keep and dark areas closets organized. Pests love dark hiding spots.
  • Vacuum frequently: This eliminates bugs hiding in carpet fibers along with eggs pests have laid. With your careful attention, you can avoid pest infestations. If you have tried these tactics, Pointe Pest Control is here to combat any tough pest situations.
Pests infest all year long

Pest infestations can happen at any time of the year. Spring and summer are months homeowners commonly see pests since these months pest eggs hatch and insects are coming out of hibernation. However, the colder months are prime infestation months as pests are seeking shelter. Spiders, rodents and ants are pests that try and keep warm during the cold months and use your home as a refuge from the bitter temperatures. If rodents find even the tiniest crack or crevice in the exterior of your home, they have the capability of chewing that hole larger and squeezing through a crack as small as a nickel. Don’t become victim to these terrible infestations. Keep your family safe and let Pointe Pest Control help you with this. We look forward to hearing from you.

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