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Montgomery, NJ is a small township of sprawling farmland and beautiful open spaces. This peaceful place is safe and quiet, something the locals appreciate. That does not mean there is nothing to see or do. If eating out is on the menu that evening, a delicious dinner at Alfonso’s Pizzeria and Restaurant will satisfy any hunger pains, especially if you end the meal with their Nutella bites. The Cherry Valley Country club is also a lovely place to dine and relax. The food is fantastic and the atmosphere has an inviting, tranquil feel. With the busyness that exists in New Jersey, Montgomery is a sanctuary and haven for all who live there. That haven however is destroyed if you find out you have a pest infestation. Suddenly that reverie of happiness is burst with the traumatic realization that you are sharing your home with revolting, creepy and even scary pests. There is no relaxation to be found when pests are living with you.

How infestations begin

Pests are talented at sniffing out openings into homes. If the weather stripping on your doors and windows has aged, causing small opening for pests to sneak through, you could be inviting the beginnings of a pest infestation. Many pests only needs a tiny sliver of space to squeeze into your home. Ants, spiders, cockroaches, millipedes, earwigs and many more insects look at your house as a refuge from the elements outside. Your home also provides easy access to their basic needs such as food and water. These pests are quiet, oftentimes avoiding detection as they rapidly multiply right under your nose. By the time you finally notice their presence, there could be hundreds or even thousands of pests in your home. Combatting this yourself is a staggering prospect and could never completely be accomplished without the professional assistance of Montgomery pest control professionals.

How infestations are discovered

If you are an independent, do-it-yourselfer, the thought of calling in someone for assistance might take a hit to your pride. Let us ease your mind in this aspect. It is okay to ask for help and here is why. The average homeowner does not possess the equipment and protection needed to safely remove infestations. The professionals at Pointe Pest Control have decades of experience when it comes to safely removing and discovering pest infestations. Particular pests prefer specific places in your home. We know where to look, what treatments are the most effective and how to figure out where they are getting in. Once we determine their entrance points, helping you solve this dilemma is an imperative step. Without it, the pests will just keep returning. You do not want these pests in your home a moment longer so let us help you sleep peacefully again.

The Pointe Pest Control difference

We appreciate and value every one of our customers. Creating a positive and friendly relationship with our customers and delivering complete satisfaction with our service is our goal with every single home visit. We enjoy our interaction with you and it is our pleasure to bring you a pest free home with every season of the year.

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