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The culture of Middletown, New Jersey is close knit and fun. The town puts on lots of events so residents and neighbors can gather and enjoy each other’s company. From weekly Farmer’s Markets to movies, summer concerts or science events in the park, Middletown does a lot to entertain the residents. Some of Middletown’s worst residents are pests and there is nothing we can do to evict them. They waltz right into our homes and businesses, thinking they own the place. Pests are very destructive and if you have seen a couple in your house but are putting off the call the the Middletown pest control professionals because you don’t think it’s a problem, think again. For every one pest you see, there are about 20 just like it hiding from you. This is true with many pests—rodents, spiders, cockroaches and ants especially. Do you know what is lurking in your home?

Pests that sneak around

One of the scariest things about pests is that they hide and creep around our homes. We have no idea they are there because they are quiet and secret. One of the worst pests in this category is the spider. Spiders are one of the most feared and hated pests. Most people hate spiders with a vehement passion. Why are humans so fearful of spiders? This questions has researchers suggesting it has to do with our basic human instincts imprinted in our DNA over centuries. Instinctively we know that some spiders will bite, harm or even kill us so our natural reaction is to recoil in fear and repulsion. Most spiders that infest our homes are harmless, but intuitively, we know that there are others that are not. Spiders are one pest that can easily infest if they get in our homes. All it takes is one egg sac laid in a super secluded hiding spot and come spring, that egg sac hatches and suddenly your home is overrun with scary spiders. You need experience Middletown pest control to help you keep your home pest and spider free all year long.

Do not be surprised by pests

Some infestations start slowly and others can come on suddenly, like hundreds of spiderlings maturing and quickly taking over your home. The panic and terror at finding pests in your home can be quickly remedied with professional Middletown pest control from Pointe Pest Control. There is no infestation we cannot handle. Our team is happy to take care of the dirty work so you don’t have to. Call us today!

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