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Middletown, Delaware is a quiet, breathtaking town with many beautiful homes. The safe neighborhoods are bustling and filled with families and activity. It is a great place to raise families and enjoy the good life. That lovely bubble of “the good life” can be quickly popped however, if pest infest your home. No one likes cohabitating with pests. They are gross and destructive, even if insects and vermin don’t make you squeamish, you do not want to sleep with them. We humans are pretty protective of our beds and personal spaces, only allowing those we love into those space. Pests do not fit this category. It’s time to let them know they do not belong but sometimes they do not get this message unless it is delivered from a professional Middletown pest control technician. And at Pointe Pest Control we are happy to make this sentiment known!

Pest infestations are harmful to your health

The destruction caused by pests can be great and terrible, but when pests spread disease throughout your home as well, the effects can be even more disastrous. There are many pests that spread diseases that can make you and your family members very ill. Some of these diseases are even deadly. Pest control in Middletown prevents these terrifying diseases from being transmitted within the walls of the home to the members of your family you wish to keep safe. Rodents are one pests that spread scary pathogens wherever they run. Urinating and defecating on everything they touch, these diseases are transmitted through their bodily fluids and only need to be inhaled within the vicinity to be contracted. The effects of hantavirus or leptospirosis can be deadly if any of your family members contract these rodent borne illnesses. Keeping dangerous pests from infesting in and around your home with effective and guaranteed pest control in Middletown is the answer.

Pest control outside your home, too

Middletown pest control is not just for inside your home. Pests can infest in large numbers outside your home making time spent in your yard a misery. When your yard is overrun with bees, wasps and mosquitoes, to name a few, you would rather never step foot outside your door. Bee and wasp control is a necessity in your yard as these insects are always searching for a safe and covered place to nest. If you or your family members accidentally bump into their colonies, an attack is possible. Bee and wasp stings are very painful and in large numbers can make you very ill, even if you are not allergic to these stings. Mosquito control within your yard can also make relaxing with your friends and family on the porch or patio more enjoyable. These annoying insects also carry troublesome diseases with dangerous health consequences. Keeping them out of your yard is essential for your safety and sanity.

Trust Pointe Pest Control

Our technicians are skilled at helping you achieve a pest free home all year long. We want to help you keep your family safe and with routine inspections, we can ensure your home is free of any dangerous pests. Contact us today to schedule seasonal inspections.

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