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When you and your family need some exercise, why not run the annual Kugal Ball 5k race that is held in Lansdale? Running a 5k is much better exercise than jumping up onto a chair to avoid a mouse in your kitchen. Before you feel embarrassed about being afraid of a mouse, you need to know that your reaction is totally justified. You see, mice are vectors of some pretty serious diseases. You can get Hantavirus if you breathe in any dust that has been contaminated with mouse urine or feces. You should never sweep up messes made by mice. Sweeping makes the viruses become airborne. If you breathe in the dust you can contract Hantavirus, which is a serious disease that can cause your lungs to fill with fluid. Next time you get a jump scare from a mouse, remember that it is okay. For Lansdale pest control, Pointe Pest Control is ready to fix any pest problem.

The Problems with Pests

Mice and rats can transmit a bunch of different diseases, but they also have teeth they use to chew up your home and furniture. Bed bugs aren’t known to transmit any diseases, but anyone who has had bed bugs understands the terror of knowing an insect is going to bite and feed on your blood at night. Insomnia and bed bugs are two sides of a coin. Termites eat wood. If your home or business has wooden support beams, termites will silently eat away at the structural integrity. Since wooden studs are hidden behind sheetrock or plaster, the infestation often goes unnoticed until something goes wrong. Like rodents, cockroaches can transmit diseases. Cockroaches spend time eating sewage and garbage, once done they climb across your food or spread bacteria and pathogens onto your dinner plates. There is a reason that pests are referred to as pests. Once inside your home they either ruin your house, your health, or steal your food. Even if you have the worst pest problem in town, all you need to do is call Pointe Pest Control. When it comes to pest control in Lansdale, we are your solution to any pest problem.

Pointe Pest Control

We are a family owned, local company. Our technicians live and work in the same places as you. Since we are local, we understand the pest problems that can be found in Lansdale. We know the common spiders that infest homes and the types of wasps that make their nests under the eaves of your home. Because we understand the pests, we know the best treatment methods for effective eradication. Our technicians will be able to identify the pest in your home and create a specific treatment plan. If you are suffering from a pest infestation, make the call that will protect you and your family from the problems associated with pests. The solution is simple; all you need is a dedicated pest control specialist from Pointe Pest Control. We are your comprehensive pest control solution.

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