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When you go to Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari right here in Jackson, you have the chance to soar to new heights on rides such as El Toro and El Diablo. These rollercoasters are definitely thrilling, but if you want a real scare, all you need to do is take a look at the wasp nests around your home. We have all felt that fear, when you have accidently disturbed a wasp nest and you are terrified on has landed on your leg and is ready to deliver a painful sting. There is actually a phobia that can develop from being stung, which is called Cnidophobia. Wasp stings are the worst. Unlike bees, a wasp can sting you again and again. Each sting adds to the amount of venom inserted into your skin. Being attacked by wasps is definitely not something you want to experience.

Pointe Pest Control Understands Wasps

Here at Pointe Pest Control, we provide wasp control in Jackson. We are a local company, which means we have a great understanding of the types of wasp that infest homes in our area. We know the wasps, we understand how they think, where they hide, and most importantly, we know how to get rid of them. Knowledge is an important factor when you are looking for a professional pest control company. You see, each type of wasp, hornet, and yellow jacket have unique characteristics and specific weaknesses. Since we know the types of wasp that live here in Jackson, we are able to target their specific weaknesses. When we come to provide wasp control in Jackson, we stack treatment plans. That means we combine a variety of effective control methods into an all-encompassing solution. We work with you to create a treatment plan that will take wasp control to new heights.

You don’t have to put up with Wasps

One of our clients had a wasp infestation right on her front porch. The nest was tucked up inside of the siding. Each time her door would shut, the vibrations would anger the wasps and they would come pouring out looking for someone to sting. The nest got so bad, that she was too afraid to use her front door. That is when she called us at Pointe Pest Control. We came to her home ready for wasp control. We removed her siding and found a massive nest of wasps. Using a variety of techniques, we killed off the wasps. Once we removed the nest, we reinstalled the siding and then we sealed up the entry points. Our client won’t have to worry about wasps now. She was so happy to be able to use her front door and not worry about getting stung. That is what we do. We take care of any wasp infestation. We have the tools and equipment to keep us safe. With Pointe Pest Control on your side, you don’t have to worry about putting up with a wasp infestation. We take care of the problem, so you can get back to enjoying life without the fear of getting stung.

Pointe Pest Control

We are thorough. Our technicians are not afraid to check attics, crawl spaces, or wasp infested sheds. When you give us a call, we go to work. We know were wasps like to hide, and we will find their nests and get rid of the problem. When you want effective, reliable, wasp control in Jackson, you can count on Pointe Pest Control to deliver. With us on your side, you can take wasp control around your home to new heights.

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