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When you are looking for a thrill in Jackson, you take your family to Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari. From stunning rollercoasters to unique thrill rides, they have everything your family could want at an amusement park. Now, if you have an infestation of spiders in your home you already understand what it is like to be afraid. The idea that an eight-legged, fang wielding, creature is sharing your home is enough to make you terrified to live indoors. Imagine the thrill of having the spiders eliminated. That is what you can get when you call Pointe Pest Control. We work tirelessly to eradicate spiders. When you need spider control in Jackson, you can count on us to provide you with comprehensive spider eradication.

The Culprits

There are a lot of spiders throughout New Jersey, and many of them can be found throughout Jackson. Here are some of the more common invaders that you will find in your home.

  • Yellow Sac Spider: These tan to yellowish spiders love making little web sleeping bags right where your ceiling and walls connect. While most spiders will only bite you in self-defense, yellow sac spiders will bite you for no reason. They will gladly walk across your skin and bite you just because they feel like sinking their fangs into something. Their bites are painful, but the good news is that their bites are not medically significant.
  • Black Widow Spiders: You can easily identify a black widow because of its unique red hourglass shape on the underside of its abdomen. Black widows produce a potent neurotoxin that infers with your muscles ability to communicate. If you get bit by a black widow, you should seek medical attention. Black widows are a type of cobweb spider, which means their webs are a haphazard mess of silk. It is common for them to invade garages, sheds, and basements.
  • Common House Spider: Another name for this spider is the American house spider. It is also a type of cobweb spider. Their webs are messy but much smaller than black widow webs. Cobweb spider bites can be painful, but they are not medically significant.
  • Wolf Spiders: There are a lot of little brown spiders that resemble wolf spiders. Wolf spiders do not create webs. They instead hunt prey by chasing them down, or by ambush. Like all spiders, wolf spiders have fangs and can bite you. Wolf spiders will only bite if they feel threatened.

The Solution: Jackson Spider Control

You don’t have to share your home with spiders. You can count on Pointe Pest Control to provide effective spider control in Jackson. Our technicians understand how spiders live, where they hide, and how they think. When we arrive at your home, we work with you to create a specific treatment plan. We identify the problem spider which helps us target their specific weaknesses. Then we get to work. We use scientifically proven treatment methods that are effective at killing spiders. We spend a lot of time, research, and effort in making certain our treatments work. We use the most current treatments because we want to provide you with the level of Jackson spider control that you deserve. We want to provide you with a home that is spider free. Our technicians are trained and have the certifications necessary to understand the ins and outs of spider control. When you want to feel the thrill of a spider free home, you can count on Pointe Pest Control. Call us today to schedule your free inspection!

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