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With a populations of just over 14,000, Glasgow, Delaware is a cozy community of lush green space, happy neighborhoods and fresh air. Just a short distance from this peaceful town is the Delaware River where you can spend a day of excitement kayaking or rafting down the river. It’s fast enough to keep it exciting but not too fast so you can’t enjoy it. Floating in a tube is a more enjoyable than any man made water slide you can find, especially down the Delaware River. Delaware may be one of the nation’s smallest states but it has a lot of heart and that can be readily felt in the city of Glasgow. As the first state to fly Betsy Ross’ flag, the patriotism runs deep. Unfortunately pests run deep too and to keep them from storming your home, you need to equip yourself with the best Glasgow pest control. Do not hold up that white flag in submission, Pointe Pest Control will help you take control of your home again.

Pests are gross, we know

This world has many adorable, soft and cuddly creatures. Pests, sadly, are not cuddly and definitely not cute. It would be nice if pests were precious like puppies but much to our horror, they are gross, destroy our things, eat our food and then leave their bodily fluids all over our homes. In addition, they have some pretty funky characteristics. For example:

  • A cockroach can live without its head for several days.
  • A centipede’s front legs are not made for walking but instead are venomous fangs used to paralyze its prey.
  • Earwigs got their name from the myth that they burrow into people’s ears while they sleep.
  • Insects breathe through their sides through holes called spiracles in their exoskeletons.
  • Many insects, flies and spiders included, have multiple eyes. Can you imagine seeing out of 5 or 6 eyes?
  • Termite queens can lay 6,000 to 7,000 eggs in a single day! If you weren’t worried about termite infestations before, you should be now. That’s ridiculously rapid reproduction!
  • Dung beetles can push around giant balls of excrement that are 1,141 times their weight.
  • Some bugs have ears all over their bodies. Katydids and crickets have sound membranes on their legs while grasshoppers hear from their abdomen.

Pest are just plain fascinating, gross and extreme, thus living with them in your home often feels like you are sharing your home with aliens because according to popular science fiction, these guys would fit right in.

Pest control should not be a DIY

There are many things, like assembling a bookshelf or fixing a leaky faucet, that you should DIY. Pest Control in Glasgow should not be one of them. Pesticides you purchase at the store are dangerous and can be toxic. You need a pest control team that understands where and how these treatments should be applied and used. We only use the safest, non-toxic methods to keep your home pest free and your loved ones protected. Call us today!

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