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Did you know that the Old Yellow Meeting House in Upper Freehold is the oldest Baptist Meeting House in New Jersey? It was built in 1737 and is believed to be the third oldest meeting house in the United States. Speaking of things that are yellow, did you know that wasps can sting you multiple times? Honey bees can only sting you one time. A honey bee sting is a sacrifice to keep the hive safe from predators. If a honey bee stings you, the stinger comes out of the bee and the bee dies. Wasps have a rapid repeat stinger which they can use to sting you as many times as they want. The only way to get them to stop is to run far enough away from their nest that they feel you are no longer a threat, or to kill the wasp.

The Fury of Late Summer

When the wasp nest is small, wasps are less likely to attack you. They tend to mind their own business, unless you get too close. As summer progresses into the fall, things begin to change. The wasp nest is now very large and the colony is in a rush to get all of the new queens ready for overwintering. The wasps are on the lookout for meat and sweets. They become a lot more aggressive. If they have to put up with drought conditions, their aggression levels will be even higher. You should always be cautious around wasp nests especially if you are allergic to their stings. If you or a family member is allergic, upsetting a wasp nest is not the type of thrill you want to seek. Because their aggression is severe in the late summer to fall, you should be even more cautious around wasp nests. It will not take much to get them angry enough to surround you in a whirlwind of stingers.

Common Places Where Wasps Build Their Nests

Wasp nests are fragile. They are created from wasp saliva and chewed up cellulose from wood or other vegetation. The papery grey substance can easily be ruined by water. For this reason, wasps are on the lookout for any location that is protected from the rain. Some of the most common places for a wasp to build are under the eaves of your home. They will also use sheds and other outbuildings. If they can find their way into your attic, they will gladly use the open space to build their nest. They will even use dense vegetation. While there are common places, they are plenty of nonconventional locations where wasps will build. Our technicians have found wasp nests behind siding, inside of playground equipment, in barbeque grills, and even under lawnmowers.

Pointe Pest Control for Wasp Control in Freehold

No matter the location or nest size, you can count on Pointe Pest Control to deliver effective wasp control in Freehold. Our technicians have battled massive infestations to minor. We have the tools, equipment, certifications, and training needed to battle wasps. We provide good old wasp control mixed with current scientific methods. We use proven techniques, because we want you to get the superior wasp control that you deserve. When you are looking for professional wasp control in Freehold, you can rely on us. We want to help you protect your family and friends from wasps. We can even take steps to keep them from coming back. When you want the best in pest control, think Pointe Pest Control.

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