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With more than 7,300 acres of permanent open space in Freehold, you can feel the aesthetic value of nature. We use nature to enjoy the shade of a tree, watch wildlife, or see a few interesting insects. If nature’s creatures stayed outside where they belong, life would be a while lot easier. Unfortunately, everything you enjoy about your home, from the food to the even temperatures is what brings the bugs inside. As bugs come inside predators, like spiders, follow. Spiders are always on the lookout for a meal. Even if your house doesn’t have any roaming insects, if spiders get inside they will wander your home looking for a bug to eat.

Common Spider Varieties

Spiders can be lumped into categories based upon their behaviors. These behaviors regulate how often they invade homes. Here are a few of the spider types you might find in and around your home.

Wandering Spiders: Wandering spiders do not make webs. Instead they prefer to chase down their prey, or use stealth to sneak up on them. These spiders are either agile runners, like wolf spiders, or slow methodical hunters like the red sowbug killer spider. The yellow sac spider, which is responsible for the highest number of spider bites, is also included in this group.

Cobweb Spiders: This type of spider uses a form of web that looks messy. You will notice irregularly placed web strands. These webs are usually close to the ground and are built to capture walking insects, while some varieties build their messy webs high up along eaves and ceilings. Cobweb spiders include black widows, cellar spiders, and the common house spider.

Jumping Spiders: Like their name suggests, jumping spiders jump. They use their webbing to create a bungee cord in case they miss their target insect. Jumping spiders pounce on unwary prey. Common species of jumping spider have large front eyes and have great eyesight.

Funnel Web Spiders: Funnel web spiders build a funnel looking web that also has a large flattened web area. The funnel is where the spider goes to hide if threatened. Funnel web spiders prefer to live outdoors, but if they get into your home, they will find a place to build their web.

Orb Weaver Spiders: These spiders produce the iconic flat web you find in your garden or rose bushes. Orb weaver spiders spend a lot of time keeping their webs clean. Their webs are very effective against flying and jumping insects. Orb Weaver Spiders prefer to live outdoors.

Expert Spider Control in Freehold

When you are looking for a spider control expert, you can count on Pointe Pest Control. We use the most current and scientifically proven methods to eradicate spiders. Our technicians identify the type of spider that is causing you concern. We pride ourselves in effective spider eradication solutions. Our technicians are highly trained to be able to identify each type of spider. There is a reason for this. Each type of spider has its own unique weakness. You cannot treat every type of spider with the same methods. That is why we focus in correctly identifying the spider. Once our technicians understand the type of spider that has invaded your home, we create a treatment plan. Our treatment plans incorporate a variety of control methods. Combining our control efforts into layers allows us to create a holistic spider eradication program for your home or business. We hit spiders where they are weak and can even take steps to keep them from coming back. When you are looking for effective spider control in Freehold, you can count on Pointe Pest Control!

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