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Freehold, New Jersey is the perfect place to live if you have to work in the city but want to destress in the country. The average New Yorker’s commute to work is anywhere from 36-58 minutes and being 58 minutes from New York City, Freehold is the perfect place to live if you don’t want to bring home the big city stress home after a hectic work day. Relaxing in your home after work with the kids to watch a cute cartoon on your big screen, you might see lots of clothed animals that talk and live human lives. How funny and cute they are, especially these fictional rodent characters we love so much. We humans take scary or gross animals and give them personalities in movies and cartoons so we can relate to them so suddenly they are not so scary anymore. Or are they? The most beloved cartoon character on the planet is a mouse but the second we get an infestation of these real life pests in our house, suddenly nothing is cute because rodents are gross, dirty, scary and destructive.

The devastating mess they leave behind

Rodents are the world’s most destructive pest. An infestation within your home can cost you thousands of dollars of damage, repairs and replacements after they get their paws and jaws on your possessions. It’s not just homeowners that suffer. Rats and mice can cost businesses millions of dollars in loss if they infest crops, electrical equipment, food and product. Just their presence alone can contaminate and ruin millions of dollars in food supplies if they get into a warehouse or store. Rats have to feed 15 to 25 times a day and consume 20% of its body weight each day in food. They are constantly on the lookout for something to eat, even if it is in your garbage can. They will eat anything and everything and chew through even more just to get to anything edible. You cannot take risks when it comes to these pests so you have got to stay ahead of them and hire routine Freehold rodent control inspections and treatments to keep them away and ensure your protection. This costly infestation can financially cripple your budget but it can likewise destroy a business that is not proactive in defending itself from this vicious pest.

Impacts to your health can be tragic

Rats and mice carry a horrifying list of some of the worst diseases the world has ever seen. The diseases these vermin spread have killed millions and millions of people, almost wiping out entire cities with the diseases. Over centuries, we have become wiser to the toxicity of rodents so outbreaks of the bubonic or black plagues are unheard of in civilized parts of the world, but that does not mean you cannot still contract these horrific diseases. Rodents are infested with fleas that then can infest your home and these fleas bite humans, continuing the spread of these germs. Hantavirus, leptospirosis, hemorrhagic fever, rat bite fever and salmonellosis are just a few of the diseases that can be spread all over your home if rodents get inside. You cannot afford to jeopardize the health of your family for even a second more. If you suspect a rodent intrusion in your home, it is imperative that you call trusted Freehold rodent control experts at Pointe Pest Control to help you.

Keep the mice in the fairy tales

Sadly, magical fairylands where mice are darling and rodents keep your house clean, do not exist. We have to grow up and accept reality that rodents are dangerous and are really jerks trying to steal our stuff. You can’t let them win and they won’t as long as you have the expert help of Pointe Pest Control in your back pocket. Pointe Pest Control has removed thousands of pest infestations from homes all over the area and there is no infestation too tough for us to handle. We do the dirty work so you don’t have to. It is our pleasure to help our customers feel safe and at peace in their homes again. Nothing means more to us than happy customers. Call us today for all your rodent control needs.


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