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If you want to get your family out of the home, the Monmouth Battlefield State Park is an amazing place to visit. The State Park is located on site where one of the largest battles of the American Revolution took place. You will be able to see a restored Revolutionary War farmhouse and discover amazing facts and information about the battle at the Visitors Center. If you have an infestation, and you need ant control in Freehold, you can rely on Pointe Pest Control to deliver. Eliminating ants is what we do best. Ants have a lot of unique properties that enable them to infest homes. Here are a few crazy and interesting facts about ants.

Here are the facts

  • Chemical Chat:
    • Ants talk using special smelly chemicals known as pheromones. If you have ever seen a line of marching ants, they are following the chemical trail towards a food source. They also use pheromones to warn the hive of danger, and give the order to attack.
  • No Ears:
    • Did you know that ants don’t have ears? Instead of listening to sounds, they feel vibrations through the ground with their feet.
  • No Lungs:
    • If you thought having no ears was bad, well, ants don’t have lungs either. There isn’t enough room in their bodies for complex organs such as lungs. Instead, they have something called spiracles. Spiracles are tiny holes that are located on the sides of their bodies. The little holes allow oxygen to move in.
  • World Travelers:
    • Ants have conquered the globe. You can find them on every continent except of Antarctica, and almost every island.
  • A lot of Ants:
    • With more than 20,000 different species, there are a lot of ants. They are so effective that some scientists have theorized that ants make up anywhere from 15 to 20% of the land animal biomass. That means the weight of all the ants makes up about a fifth of all terrestrial animals.
  • The Colony:
    • The number of ants in a colony is specific to the species and the availability of food. However, there are some colonies that can number in the millions. That is a lot of ants and a lot of mouths to feed. Now you know why the keep invading your kitchen!
  • Farming and Ranching:
    • Some ants are in fact farmers. They harvest leaves, cut them up into small pieces and then grow little bits of fungus down inside of their hive. The fungus is used to feed the colony. Other ants are ranchers. They protect aphids from predators, and in exchange, the aphid gives the ant some sweet aphid poo. Yum.
  • Tough:
    • Depending on the species, ants can lift anywhere from 10 to 50 times their own body weight. The Asian Weaver Ant sets an even higher record, because it can lift an astounding 100 times its own body weight.
  • Tiny:
    • Since ants are small, they will always be able to find a way into your home. They can fit through the smallest cracks and spaces.

Pointe Pest Control

If you need ant control in Freehold, Pointe Pest Control is here to help. We are a local company, so we understand the common ants that infest homes here in Freehold. Since we know the ants, we are able to create targeted treatment plans. Our knowledgeable technicians understand ants, and they know how to get them out of your home. No matter how big the infestation, we can get it out of your home. When you are looking for effective Freehold ant control, you need to professional ant elimination services that only Pointe Pest Control can provide. You deserve an ant free home. Pointe Pest Control can make it happen.

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