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The historic town of Flemington, New Jersey is quite an iconic piece of our nation’s past. Along with the Samuel Fleming House that operates as a museum, Flemington has beautifully preserved its courthouse along with many other buildings in town. Walking down Main Street is a charming experience as you are greeted with carefully tended buildings from yesteryear. It is apparent Flemington residents care about its past with their careful attention to the present and to successfully keep pest infestations away, an ever present eye to details will help you with this. Careful observation to your home year round will help you recognize the signs of pest infestations, especially in your yard. It might be easier to notice pests within your own home where they don’t belong, but how do you know if you have too many pests in your yard? Isn’t that where insects and rodents belong? Not necessarily. Our technicians can help you see if you have an infestation both in and around your home.

Pests that infest your

You might not think it matters if there are pests in your yard. After all, as long as they’re not in your house, why should it be a problem? The reason it is a problem is because as their numbers increase, the chances of them getting into your house at the slightest opportunity becomes greater. Not only that, large amounts of insects and pests around your yard can make it an inhospitable place. Enjoying the sunshine, your porch or patio or backyard swings or trampolines becomes nearly impossible if pests are bothering you no end. Mosquitoes, bees and wasps are three pests that can totally ruin any backyard experience. The stings and bites from these insects take days to stop itching and hurting. The risk of going into your yard becomes too great if this is the result. You do not want to be a prisoner in your own home though. Backyard pest control in Flemington can make your yard a happy place once again. Pointe Pest Control technicians are wizards at scouting out hidden beehives, wasp nests and mosquito breeding areas. Removing these safely is essential. Our technicians are skilled at this process.

Don’t try pest removal on your own

The popular thing these days is to DIY everything but removal of pests on your own is dangerous. For instance, wasp removal is a dangerous process and needs expert care. Wasps can be aggressive and sting repeatedly if they feel threatened. Risking your safety and health like this is not worth it. The cost for professional removal is much less expensive than the medical bill after you’ve been stung several dozen, or even hundred, times. Treating your yard and providing a protective barrier around your yard keeps pests from multiplying around your home. This decreases the chance of an infestation making its way into your home. And while Flemington pest control is always important inside, it is vital to never forget the pest control treatments necessary outside your home. Our trusted team of pest control experts is ready and excited to bring you a pest free home and yard all year long.

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