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Doylesville, PA is chuck full of history and museums and one such unique piece of history is the Mercer Museum, a castle filled of history, oddities of the past and stories from the days of yore. All pieces Doylesville could tell quite a history since the town itself is almost 275 years old. This is pretty incredible seeing as Doylesville was established even before the United States officially became a country. The rich past of this town is felt in nearly all corners and wasps have inhabited this area the whole time. In fact, wasps date back to the Jurassic period which is when the oldest known wasp fossil dates back. These insects are adept at surviving harsh climate conditions as they are found all over the world. Many people think wasps infestations just die off during the winter but this is not true because the queen is quite a tough little creature. She will hibernate and find a place to overwinter during the freezing months of winter. When springtime temperatures rise, she comes out of hibernation, builds her nest and lays her eggs, starting the process over again. But she’s just one queen, right? She can’t do much damage. Think again…

How a wasp queen quickly colonizes

When a wasp queen wakes up after a long winter hibernation, her first goal is to build a nest and lay eggs in it. Having already mated with a male to fertilize her eggs before she went into hibernation, she starts spring ready to quickly start a colony. And how quickly can that colony grow? To give you an idea how fast 1 or 2 queen wasps can turn into an infestation, this queen wasp can lay up to 100 eggs per DAY! Once she lays that egg, it only takes 2 or 3 days before that egg hatches and soon those larvae mature and continue the cycle.

One queen can soon create an infestation in your yard

Once those mature wasps take off, more nests are created nearby and this is how wasps can soon take over your yard, making outdoor recreating, evening barbeques or gardening can become treacherous activities. There are many types of wasps, some dig their nests below ground and others make nests of paper. Paper wasps common when it comes to wasp infestations in Doylestown. As the queen continues to lay her 100 eggs each day and these wasps leave to start their own nests, soon you’ll see little gray, papery nests pop up all over. They like to build their nests out of direct sunlight and rain, under the eaves of the roof, in attics or in sheds. If you see an abundance of wasps around your yard and can’t figure out where they are coming from, you need the expert eyes of Doylestown wasp control ASAP.

Be careful removing wasp nests alone

“I can do it myself.” As a homeowner, it gives you a sense of pride when you can take care of home projects alone, but there are some things you should not attempt alone. When it comes to pests, a Google-based knowledge is never enough. Each pest has a particular behavior and when it comes to feeling threatened, they react in certain ways. Your Pointe Pest Control pest technician knows exactly how these pests will react, how much treatment is needed, when to use extreme caution and how exactly to safely remove wasps without any harm to you or your family. Spraying down a nest with a hose might work from some dude on YouTube but this is definitely a “don’t try this at home” situation as wasps will sense where the threat is coming from and the hive will attack you. Extreme caution should be used with wasp removal and your Doylestown pest control professionals are here for you to safely treat them and bring peace and serenity back to your yard once again.

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