Rodent Damage Can Be Extensive and Expensive

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Doylestown, Pennsylvania touts itself as a bike friendly community as there are 16 miles of convenient biking trails, road paths and side-paths throughout and around town. This is great for the environment and saves money on gas, not to mention it’s good exercise. Bike friendly paths make it safer for bicyclists to get where they need to go as the road is sometimes shared with traffic. While bike trails are awesome, rodent trails are not. Rodents leave trails and these are evident with rodent infestations. Voles leave trails through your lawn, rats leave grease trails from their oily tails and all rodents leave trails of destruction as they infest your home. Rodent infestations are one of the most costly infestations that a homeowner can experience as these pests are incredibly destructive. They damage, chew through, eat, tear apart, contaminate and destroy pretty much anything they come in contact with. Doylestown rodent control is a must to remove this pernicious pest fast before it costs you anymore damage to your home.

Rodent infestations plague homeowners

Nearly a third of Americans have had rodent problems in their home and approximately 21 million homes each year are invaded by this pest. Here are the most common areas of the home where rodent infestations occur:

Kitchen: The most common area of the home that rodents invade is the kitchen. Why? Well, the answer is obvious, that’s where the food is. Rodents are drawn to the scents and smells emanating from this room and the attraction is instinctual so they will do anything to get there. If rodents have gotten into your kitchen, the contamination is devastating and any food items that were not stored in sealed cans or airtight glass jars or plastic containers, need to be disposed of since rodent feces and urine is full of diseases and near food, these bodily secretions are dangerous.

Basement: It is usually quieter and darker in the basement plus it is easy to get to. Infestations in the basement can go on for longer periods of time down here as homeowners spend less of their time in this area of the house.

Living room: This is another common area of the house, typically because it is closest to the kitchen and also full of hiding places under and inside furniture.

Attic and garage: These two areas are dark, dusty and dirtier than other areas in your house and often full of hiding places. Rodents can go unnoticed for long periods of time in these two places and often, when a homeowner finds out there is an infestation in these two areas, the problem is too big to attack on their own.

Bedrooms: Bedrooms are full of clothing that rodents can steal to use for their nest. Everyone blames the mysterious sock monster for all the disappearing socks, but sometimes the real culprit are mice. Socks make perfect soft and cozy beds in a rodent nest.

In every area of your home that rodents infest, damage can be done that can cost your family hundreds to thousands of dollars. If you suspect the presence of rodents in your home, you really cannot waste any time. You need to call in your professional Doylestown rodent control friends at Pointe Pest Control for help.

Get help before rodents chew through your bank account

Rodents can’t literally chew through your bank account, but figuratively, the possibility is very real. Everyday rodents are left to roam through your walls, kitchen, bedrooms and more, the more they will destroy, chew through and even more disturbing, urinate and defecate on. They dribble urine and drop feces wherever they go so the thought of rodent urine and droppings all over your carpets is just too much. The clean up process alone after a rodent infestation is expensive, but replacing damaged walls, electrical cords, boxes, textiles, furniture and anything else they’ve gotten their little paws on can be devastating to your finances. Pointe Pest Control is your answer for fast Doylestown rodent control so call us today to remove this nightmarish pest from your home.

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