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Doylestown, Pennsylvania’s motto is “Preserving the past, embracing the future” and as you drive through this beautiful town, it is obvious they have committed to this precept. The Mercer Museum and Fonthill (also known as Fonthill Castle) are two beautiful examples of preserving the past. Both buildings a carefully preserved pieces of the past, filled with antiques and collections of history that wow visitors every day. After you have visited one real castle, spending some time with the kids at the Kid’s Castle Park is a great end to the day. There is no better park where a kid’s imagination can run wild. The creativity and playground equipment delivers hours and hours of fun. At the end of the day, returning to your own castle the last thing you want to find is a pest sitting upon your throne. As humans we can feel possessive about things that are important to us. This is especially true about our homes and we aren’t about to share them with the critters and vermin of the neighborhood.

Tips to avoid pests

Your life is a busy one and remembering the yearly maintenance and care necessary to avoid pests is difficult to get to sometimes. Letting your guard down is one of the first mistakes when it comes to pest infestations. As the seasons pass, wear and tear and aging on your home deteriorates seals on doors and windows. Cracks and crevices are created where you least suspect them and pests wait for these opportunities to enter. Here are a few tips to avoid infestations:

  • Inspect and seal doors and windows regularly
  • Avoid debris in the yard as pests hide out in wood piles, overgrown foliage and clutter
  • Keep all containers inside sealed in plastic, glass or metal containers
  • Cover outside vents to prevent pests from making homes inside
  • Fix leaky pipes and faucets to avoid standing water
  • Keep your home clutter free as pests love dark, messy places to hide
  • Vacuum frequently to avoid pests and eggs
  • Resist landscaping with wood mulch. Instead use gravel, rock or rubber mulch.
  • Schedule routine professional pest inspections and treatments

By following these simple tips, you can reduce your chances for pest infestations. Constant vigilance will keep your home protected and pest free.

Professional attention is your secret weapon

The most important tip is routine inspections from your friendly Pointe Pest Control technician. Each home is inspected thoroughly, taking special care to find problems specific to each house. Some homes and yards are more susceptible to ants while others may have wasp problems. Taking care to inspect for every type of pest will help you avoid an infestation surprise that could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and pest removal. Staying on top of pest problems to begin with will prevent these disasters. Pointe Pest Control has the experience you can trust For guaranteed Doylestown pest control, you need to stick with a company that you can trust. Pointe Pest Control has been fighting the pest control battle for years and we promise victorious battles with pests of all kinds. Let us help you avoid an infestation, call us today!

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