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One of the greatest things about Collegeville, Pennsylvania are the Summer Park Concerts. They are held in the Collegeville Park and many Saturdays during the warmer months you can find residents sitting on blankets and camp chairs enjoying the beautiful weather and amazing local beats. While you are enjoying the good things in Collegeville, pests could be enjoying the good things in your kitchen. The mere thought of cockroaches, ants or rodents making themselves home to a delicious feast in your pantry while you are away is enough to disgust anybody. One thing we all know about pests is that they are dirty, stinky and leave their droppings everywhere they go. Knowing that this sort of contamination exists when you have a pest infestation makes you skeptical about everything you eat in your home. It’s time to get rid of this kind of stress with experienced and thorough Collegeville pest control.

Do not become a statistic

A surprising statistic is that 95% of pest control professionals report treating apartments and condominiums for bed bugs. As worldwide tourism increases, so does the spread of bed bugs. You risk an infestations merely by staying in a hotel. To avoid bringing bed bugs home with you, here are a few things to do when you stay in a hotel:

  • Bathroom first: Before you enter the bed area, stop in the bathroom first. Bed bugs are least likely to be found in hotel bathrooms since they greatly dislike that cold, tile floor.
  • Luggage in the bathtub: This might sound weird but bed bugs cannot climb porcelain so set your luggage in the bathtub till you have inspected the room.
  • Check the mattress: Using a flashlight (one on your cell phone works perfectly), lift up the corner of the mattress. Bed bugs lay eggs and congregate often under the mattress. You will find black specks of excrement and evidence under the mattress usually.
  • Examine baseboards and more: Bed bugs are excellent at hiding. If you don’t find them under the mattress it doesn’t mean they are not there. Using your flashlight, look near the baseboards where the carpet meets the wall. Also, pull the nightstand out and look behind that and inside the drawers. Bed bugs can even hide behind picture frames so leave no piece of furniture unturned!
    Attentive habits keep protect you

By paying attention to your surroundings, checking for bedbugs, keeping your doors and windows sealed, keeping your home free of clutter and unnecessary debris piles in the yard, you can significantly lessen your chances of a pest infestation. Our business motto at Pointe Pest Control is honest, effective and fast Collegeville pest control services you can trust.

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