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If you love everything about aircraft, then you need to check out the American Helicopter Museum & Education Center near Chester Springs. At the museum, you will be able to see artifacts and documents relating to the origins and development of rotary-wing aircraft and many preserved helicopters. If you hate everything about raiding rodents, you need to check out Pointe Pest Control. With Pointe Pest Control, you can say goodbye to an infestation of mice, rats or other rodents. When it comes to rodent control in Chester Springs, we mean business. Rodent eradication is our kind of thing.

How Rodents Get Inside

When confronted with an infestation, homeowners often wonder how the rodents ever even got inside their home. While it is true that you might get a mouse in your house if you leave a door open to long, there are definitely other ways that rodents invade. Take mice for instance. While it might look fluffy, a mouse can fit through a hole that is the size of a nickel. One of the best ways to identify potential entry sites is to take a marker and walk around the outside of your home. Pay special attention to gaps around your windows, doors, gas lines and electrical conduits. If you can fit the tip of your marker into the hole, a mouse can fit through as well. If you find a hole that is the size of a quarter, you have just found a potential entry site for a rat. Squirrels can also be a problem, but remember that they love to climb. Make certain you take a close look at the eaves of your home. If there are any gaps or spaces, your attic could become a nest for the neighborhood squirrels.

Why Chester Springs Rodent Control?

While it might be insightful to know how rodents are getting into your home, your real concern is with getting them out. No one wants to share their home with an infestation of rodents for very specific reasons.

Home Damage:

The first reason is damage. Rodents have large front teeth that continuously grow. In order to keep their teeth at a manageable size, rodents chew on everything. They will chew on wood, furniture, wiring, and sheetrock. An infestation of rodents can cause a lot of damage to your home and everything inside.


Rodents are hungry thieves. They are always on the lookout for food. Once they find it, they will take it. Rodents also make a mess of soft materials. Since they are always on the lookout for things to build a nest, your insulation, clothing, and furniture are all at risk.

Your Health:

One of the most insidious concerns associated with a rodent infestation are the diseases. When it comes to diseases, biologists refer to rodents as vectors. When you want to find a lot of nasty viruses, bacteria, and parasites, all you need to do is take a look at a mouse or rat. Rodents can spread diseases to any surface they touch through their urine and feces. Because of rodents you can contract serious sicknesses such as Hantavirus, Rat-bite fever, Leptospirosis, Tularemia, and Salmonellosis.

Local Pest Control Done Right

In order to protect your home and your health from maniacal mice and revolting rodents, Pointe Pest Control has the equipment, tools, and professional experience you need in a local pest control company. Since we are local, we care about the environment. We avoid using harsh chemicals that degrade and foul the water and soil we depend upon. We understand rodents and we know how to eliminate them from your home. When you want comprehensive rodent control in Chester Springs, Pointe Pest Control is your solution to any rodent problem. Give us a call for a free consultation.

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