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Finding safe places to raise a family, especially when you work near big cities like New York City, are becoming more difficult. Branchburg is one of those hidden oases, with a small population of just over 14,000, great schools, beautiful neighborhoods and a high safety rating, Branchburg is the perfect place to raise a family. That feeling of safety and security is priceless. Now to just ensure that the inside of your home is safe, that is a different kind of challenge. If you live in the safest town in the world but your home is crawling with scary, biting and possibly poisonous spiders, it doesn’t matter how safe your town is. Even if the spiders inside your home are not venomous, it is always unnerving to come across a gigantic spider when you are not expecting it. It makes you feel slightly violated when you get in the shower to find that it is already occupied by an ominous arachnid. With experienced Branchburg spider control, you will be able to keep your home safe and ensure that these icky encounters are nonexistent.

Spiders are everywhere

Like it or not, spiders are everywhere. The entire spider population in the world is estimated to weigh 29 million tons—that’s as much as 478 Titanic ships! Spiders are prevalent on our planet and while this is a fact, it did spur a silly myth in the 90’s that “you are always within at least 3 feet of a spider.” It was assumed from this statement that scientists were lumping microscopic dust mites in the spider category. If you are standing outside on your lush, green lawn then sure, you are probably within 3 feet of a spider. There could even be dozens under your feet within the dirt. But inside your home, it is possible to have a spider free home with professional spider control in Branchburg. You do not need to sit there paranoid and anxiously looking around, that within 3 feet of your spot on the sofa, a spider is just chilling with you. However, without vigilant spider control techniques, you could actually be quite close to spider inside your home. There is no need to worried if you have your friends at Pointe Pest Control visit regularly to regularly treat your home for spiders.

The danger of spider bites

Not all spiders are dangerous but that doesn’t mean they can’t produce a nasty, painful bite. Spiders bites often have 2 visible fang marks which result in a swollen, red and itchy welt. The spider venom damages the tissue around the bite, making the bite often ooze a clear liquid. It can take awhile for the bite to heal and it should be kept clean and watched carefully. If you notice any of the following symptoms associated with the spider bite, immediate medical attention should be sought:

  • Instant, intense pain
  • Burning
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Abdominal or joint pain
  • Headache
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Fever
  • Difficulty breathing

If you notice any of these symptoms or especially multiple symptoms, you need to see a medical professional fast. It could mean that you were bit by a brown recluse or a black widow spider. Having these spiders in or anywhere near your home is very dangerous as their bites can cause life threatening symptoms. When it comes to the safety of your family, professional spider control for these and all other biting spiders is a must.

Pointe Pest Control safely keeps spiders away

Pointe Pest Control technicians only use non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly methods of spider control so you don’t have to put your family in jeopardy with toxic chemicals. This doesn’t mean that our methods are weak or ineffective. We use treatments that are designed to specifically target spiders and keep them away. You don’t need to break out the napalm or noxious gases just to keep at bay. We use the most advanced methods in Branchburg spider control available. Call us today so you home can feel safe and spider free all year long.

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