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There you are sitting in your bed getting ready to go to sleep when you hear sounds. You get up, and cautiously check your home and you find nothing amiss. Until you go back to bed and hear the same sounds once again. What you are hearing is not a burglar, nor is your house haunted. Your house has an acute infection of rodents. Burglars want to steal your valuables, but rodents want to steal your food and ruin your health. If you are tired of hearing the sounds of an infestation, you need to call in the professionals with Pointe Pest Control. We will make quick work of any rodent problem. We provide the local rodent control you can count on.

The Rascally Rodent

Have you ever wondered how rodents get into your house? If so, the answer might surprise you. If you want to get an idea, grab a marker and head outside. Take a trip around the outside of your home and look for holes and gaps. If the marker fits inside of the space, a mouse can too. That right, a mouse can fit through a hole the size of a nickel. That means if the space under your door is that size, you could be sharing your lunch with a mouse. Rats cannot fit through a hole that size, but they can fit through a hole that is the size of a quarter. Squirrels and roof rats are excellent climbers. If you have trees or large bushes next to your home, they can gain access to your roof. If you roof, or the eaves, have holes then they can easily infest your attic. Once inside, they find a nice place to live and then they do everything they can to steal your food.

The Damage Done by Rodents

Voles can girdle young trees and kill the vegetation in your yard. Gophers can easily make your grass look like a miniature war zone. Rats and mice love to chew on things. They will gnaw through your sheetrock and cause damage to the wiring in your home. There have been cases where a rodent has caused a catastrophic fire because it caused a short in an electrical wire it chewed through. If you have an infestation of rodents in your home or yard, they could both be in danger of being damaged. Rodents aren’t satisfied with that type of damage, definitely not. They are out to ruin your food. Rodents continuously urinate and defecate. They can easily chew into a box of cereal and spoil the contents. Rodents are also out to ruin your health. Simply put, rodents transmit diseases. They are vectors for bacteria, viruses, pathogens, and parasites. Many of the diseases can be life-threatening. Living with rodents inside of your home is definitely bad for your health.

Rodent Control in Branchburg

Pointe Pest Control is a local rodent control company. We have years of experience dealing with rodents. We have all the tools, training, and certifications we need to provide effective and efficient rodent control. You can count on our experience to deliver. Our technicians understand how rodents think. We know where they like to hide, and we know how to get rid of them. We are thorough. Our technicians will check every aspect of your home and find every potential entry point. Once the entry points are found we seal them up to prevent future infestations. We take care of the rodents in your home, your yard, or even in that old shed in your backyard. When you want a professional solution with a local flavor, give us a call. We are Pointe Pest Control and we have a solution for your rodent problem. We take care of those furry things that go bump in the night.

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