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Branchburg, New Jersey has a history dating before the Revolutionary War and much of that is emulated still within the town. A favorite piece of the past among residents of Branchburg is the South Branch Schoolhouse, a one room historic building that was used as a schoolhouse until 1965. With its red exterior and bell tower, it looks like it was plucked straight from a Tom Sawyer novel. One thing that afflicted the early settlers of Branchburg that still plagues residents today are ants. While the scenery has changed over the years, pests still remain and like it or not, they are not going away. But there are things you can do to keep them out of your home. In fact, with the newest methods in treatments for Branchburg ant control, you can keep them out of your house for good if you consistently work at it. Just like many things, once its done it can be undone and the same is true for pest control. You need to stay constantly watchful as pests will never give up, they will always try to steal a share of the shelter, food and water you are trying so hard to protect.

Where ants hide in your house

One of the most frustrating things about ants is that it can seem like they are gone, until they aren’t. You might be fighting to keep them away and think you have finally beaten them, but one stray crumb gets loose and suddenly, out of nowhere, you have hundreds of ants in your kitchen. But how? Where did they come from and how does it seem they just appeared so quickly out of nowhere? A recent NPMA (National Pest Management Association) survey revealed that ant hideouts are found most commonly in these areas of the home:

Inside walls (73%)
Bedrooms (61%)
Living rooms (60%)
Basements (54%)
Air conditioning and heating units (37%)

So if you are wondering where they are mysteriously coming from, they could be carefully hiding out in these areas of your home. Sometimes the nest is actually outside and due to cracks and crevices in the exterior of your home, they can make their way readily into your home for food whenever they so choose. With the professional scrutiny of trained eyes however, these hiding spots can be located and the ant infestations in and around your home can be removed when you hire effective Branchburg ant control.

Even the cleanest homes can have ant infestations

All homeowners, even the most fastidiously clean ones, are at risk for ant infestations. It is America’s most common nuisance pest and it doesn’t matter how meticulous you clean your home, if you have accessible food or water sources for ants, you are at risk. Being so small has its advantages for ants and they can get into many areas of the kitchen. A few crumbs on the pantry shelf, a poorly sealed box of crackers, a sticky jar of honey, a bag of chips—oh the possibilities are endless when you are an ant in a kitchen of goodies! It is easier to tightly seal your home rather than remove every, last morsel of food and water available to an ant. Sealing your doors, windows and the exterior of your home not only makes it impermeable to ants but many other pests. This is a necessity when it comes to keeping ants out. Don’t feel embarrassed if you have an ant infestation, it happens to the cleanest of us, no home is immune.

Pointe Pest Control cleans up the toughest ant infestations

No ant infestation is too difficult for us. We have removed thousands of ant infestations and to keep your home free of ants year round, it is vital to set up regular Branchburg ant control inspections and treatments. We can’t kick ants out of Branchburg, but we can kick them out of our homes. This is not an impossible feat, you just need to call the professionals to help because the uphill battle of DIY ant control is just never ending. We look forward to assisting you!

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