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Belle is French for the word “beautiful” and the town of Belle Mead, New Jersey was well named as that adjective could not describe a town more perfectly. Large, stately homes with lovely yards dot this community within Montgomery Township. The expansive, manicured parks and abundant countryside help you breathe a little deeper and relax a little fuller. Safety is of great importance to the residence of Belle Mead and the community strives for a feeling of security. Just like that feeling of safety you want in the city which you live, your home should feel equally as protected against harm, incident and disaster. When you arm yourself with the friendly and professional pest control technicians at Pointe Pest Control, you don’t need to fear pest infestations in Belle Mead. Why? Because we practice thorough pest prevention along with using the most advanced methods of pest control. You can sleep peacefully knowing you have the guaranteed defenses of our pest experts.

Recognizing pest infestations

Many pest infestations are allowed to fester, grow and reproduce for months or even years because homeowners are unaware of the signs of a pest infestation. You could be unknowingly living but by learning to recognize the signs of a pest infestation, you could stop the problem before it mushrooms out of control. Here are a few signs of pest infestations:

  • Piles of sawdust: If you find curious little hills or piles of sawdust anywhere in your home, inspect a little closer. If there are small holes in the wood nearby, carpenter ant problem. Carpenter ants also shed their wings at certain times of the year so find wing moltings is another sign.
  • Mud tubes running up your foundation: These tubes may be confusing and are hollow, mud pathways that termites use to travel from the outside of your home to the inside.
  • Scratches or bite marks: Finding holes, claw marks or chewed packaged is a bad sign that rodents are nearby. Rodents have extremely tough teeth and jaws and can bite and chew through most anything. Even plastic bins are not safe with rodents around.
  • Droppings: Though rodents and cockroaches are clever at concealing themselves from your view, they don’t hide their droppings well. If you see what looks like black pepper flecks, these are cockroach droppings. Mice and rats leave small, black/brown oval pellets. Immediate professional Belle Mead pest control is imperative at this point since rodent droppings contain hantavirus and should be handled very carefully.
  • Dried blood spots: If you pull back your sheets in the morning and see little blood spots, this sickening symptom means you have bed bugs. You might also notice itchy, red welts on your body in clusters.

Learning to quickly identify these signs as the beginnings of a pest infestation can save you an incredibly amount of money if you catch it before the problem escalates.

Keeping your family safe with professional pest control

Pest control in Belle Mead needs an expert touch. In the long run, professional pest inspections are less expensive that large scale pest infestations that have been left to multiply and mature. Your Pointe Pest Control technician can quickly find evidence of pests you might have missed. Do not risk the things in life most precious to you and call us today.

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