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One of the best things about Ambler, Pennsylvania is Ambler Main Street. Not only is it one of the most charming streets you will ever stroll down, but there is fun to be found on this street year round. Farmer’s markets in the summer, Restaurant Week January to July, the Auto Show in May, the Arts and Music Festival in June, Oktoberfest in October, the Christmas Parade in December and First Fridays May through October. This is a town that knows how to have a good time and they do a great job attracting tourists. And you may be unaware, but you may be doing a great job attracting pests at the same time. Unintentionally, you may as well be posting a neon sign attracting all pests to your house if you are not careful.

Do’s and don’ts of pest prevention

How do you prevent pests? Are there things you can do to deter them? Absolutely! To help you out in between your Ambler pest control inspections are are a few Do’s to do:

  • DO seal any cracks or crevices in your home’s exterior, roof and foundation to keep pests from sneaking in.
  • DO cover all garbage cans with a tight lid to keep rodents, wasps and other trash loving pests from getting into your garbage.
  • DO vacuum your home at least once a week to pick up pests and eggs living in your carpets and along the walls.
  • DO keep food in glass or plastic containers in your pantry to keep mice and ants from stealing a snack.Practicing these good habits of prevention will help discourage pests from invading. Here are a few Don’ts when it comes to pest control:
  • DON’T keep your pet’s food outside in the open, especially overnight. This can attract rodents, ants and even skunks and raccoons.
  • DON’T leave piles of wood or leaves in corners of your yard. These are prime habitats for rodents, black widows and termites.
  • DON’T let standing water set in your yard. Standing water is perfect for mosquito breeding and soon you will be swarmed with mosquitoes.
  • DON’T leave clutter piles around your home or yard. Discard piles of old newspapers, boxes and clothing.
    DO hire professional Ambler pest controlWith all these do’s and don’ts, the most important one is to remember that you DO need professional pest control if you want to ensure a completely pest free home or business. You cannot take chances with pests when it comes to your loved ones or the safety of your customers. Professional pest control with Pointe Pest Control means thorough inspections and effective treatments you can trust. We look forward to being your pest control experts for years to come.
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