Pennsylvania Pest Control

Pennsylvania is home to a lot of insects. Some are good, while others are not good at all. Take the state insect for example; yes Pennsylvania has a state insect. Summer nights just wouldn’t be the same without seeing the glowing trails of dancing fireflies. The firefly is a good insect because it is not a pest. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania is home to a lot of insects, spiders, and rodents that are definitely considered to be pests. No matter which pest is causing you concern, you have a solution with Pointe Pest Control. Since we are a local pest control company, we have made it our mission to provide professional, licensed pest control in Pennsylvania. Eliminating insects and eradicating rodents is what we do best. If your home or business is suffering from a pest problem, we have a solution.

Creating Solutions

Creating real solution for pest control all starts with identification. Each insect, spider, and rodent has their own weaknesses. In order to create the best treatment plan, the first step for our technicians is to identify what pest has invaded your home or business. You can help in this process. Let’s say you wake up at night and you find you are being bit by a little bug. Rather than smashing it to oblivion, capture it and put it in a bag. Having the insect on hand will allow our technicians to identify the insect quickly. If you are bitten by a spider, you will definitely want to capture the invader. Certain spiders in Pennsylvania are venomous. If you arrive to the hospital with the culprit, they will be able to give you the right treatment.
Once we know the pest that is in your home, our technicians begin to work out a comprehensive treatment plan. Our technicians are problem solvers. They want to give you the type of pest control that you want and deserve. We work to create real pest control solutions. For mice and rats, it isn’t enough to eliminate the intruding rodents. In order to effectively treat a rodent infestation, we need to seal up your home or business. Our technicians locate how they are getting inside, and we seal up the entry points. We use materials that will stop mice and rats from chewing their way back inside. Once the entry points are all sealed up, the likelihood of another infestation occurring will drop significantly.

Integrated Pest Management

At Pointe Pest Control, we understand the principles behind Integrated Pest Management or IPM. Using IPM means that we create a multi-pronged treatment approach that will target the pest in all of its life stages, and in all of its locations. Using Integrated Pest Management allows us to build comprehensive pest treatments that result in effective eradication. The pest s in your home or business will be hit from every side and every angle. That is the beauty of complete pest control; we are able to create real solutions to any pest problem. When you need pest control in Pennsylvania, think Pointe Pest Control.

Pointe Pest Control

Being a local pest control company, gives us an advantage. Being local means our technicians are familiar with the common pest issues found in Pennsylvania. That knowledge allows us to identify the pests quickly, and give you effective and efficient pest control. In order to give you the best solutions, we offer a free consultation. You will be able to hear the pest control details from our professional, friendly technicians, which will allow you to make informed decisions. If are suffering from pesky pests and want pest control in Pennsylvania, call Pointe Pest Control for real solutions.
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