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When you want to get your children out of the home and get a taste of the outdoors, you can count on the Battery Park Half-Day Summer Camp Program right here in New Castle. They have numerous activities that will transform any summer into memories that will last a lifetime. The outdoors is fine when it stays outside. Trouble happens when the outdoors finds its way into your home in the form of eight legged spiders with fangs. If you feel the hair stand up on the back of your neck when you see a spider running across your floor, you are not alone. There are more than 19 million of your fellow Americans that have the same fear. Here at Pointe Pest Control, we have been helping people cope with their arachnophobia, by offering superior spider control in New Castle.

Why We Fear Spiders

It is easy to feel terror when you see a spider in your bedroom, and then loose it. Your skin starts to crawl and you don’t want to go to bed until the spider is found and dealt with. Other times all you want to do is have a nice warm shower, and you pull back the curtain and there is a spider wanting to share your shower space. Being afraid of spiders is a very natural response. Spiders show up at the worst times and you know that can bring you real harm. If you have ever taken a look at a black widow, it is easy to understand why we hate spiders. From those spindly legs, to the oversized body, to their numerous eyes, and poison tipped fangs. Simply put, spiders are a living nightmare. The good news is that help is only a phone call away. When you call Pointe Pest Control, you are putting our years of spider killing experience to work for you.

Professional Spider Exterminators

Being a professional, local, spider control company means we understand the different types of spiders that infest your home. We know spider control in New Castle. Understanding spiders means we know their weaknesses. Each type of spider has specific weaknesses. Our first step in creating a spider control plan is to correctly identify the spider. No matter where the infestation is located, our fearless technicians will find it. We search crawl spaces, garages, sheds, attics, and other frightening and hard to reach places. Once we know which spider issues you have, we work with you to create a comprehensive treatment plan. That means we use a variety of treatment options and combine them together to knock spiders out of your home. We target spiders in all of their life cycles and life stages. With Pointe Pest Control, professional means dedication. We want you to have a home that is free from spiders. Eliminating spiders is what we do best. Whether you are dealing with Yellow Sac Spiders or Black Widows, you can count on Pointe Pest Control to deliver effective spider control in New Castle.

Being Local

Since we are a local pest control company, it means that our technicians live and work in the same area as you. That means we work to protect the environment. We avoid using harsh chemicals that degrade ecosystems and hurt our water and soils. We have a eco-friendly approach to pest control which is tough on spiders, but easy on the environment. In addition, we hold weekly trainings on pest biology, safe treatment methods, and the latest non-chemical approaches to solving pest problems. We spend time researching the most current and scientifically proven treatment methods. We want to help you keep the spindly spiders out of your home. When you want the best in New Castle spider control, you need to call in the professionals with Pointe Pest Control. Call today to schedule your free inspection.

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