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The allure and charisma of New Castle, Delaware is unmatched by any other city. The historic buildings and cobblestone streets make you feel like you’ve gone back in time one second but then mixed in with exciting shops, cafes and recreating is quite thrilling the next second. At the banks of the Delaware River, the culture and magnetism of New Castle is unique and enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. It is not just another modern, look alike city that is trying to copy somewhere else. Once you’ve experienced New Castle, you won’t forget it. Coincidentally, the same rings true for rodent infestations. If you have ever experienced a rodent infestation, you will never forget it but in an entirely different feel. It is like living in a nightmare. You feel completely violated. Finding rodent droppings all over your pantry, bathroom and worse, your bedroom, is horrifying. Rodents are the most germ infested and filthy of all pests. The disease they have crawling all over their bodies is smeared and spread everywhere they step. Just the thought of that makes you want to burn your house down. But that is not realistic. You just need help and that help is best in the form of your friends at Pointe Pest Control.

What to do if you found a mouse

The biggest problem with rodent infestations is that a whole gang of rodents can live quietly in your home unnoticed for long periods of time. It is only natural when you find a mouse, to hope that you just happened to find the one mouse who somehow managed to get inside your home, like a minute ago. We all would want to hope that. But what if there are more? We know you don’t want to hear it, but chances are if you spot one mouse, there are most likely more since mice reproduce very quickly. When you find a mouse, you need to do some quick recon around your home to gauge how bad the problem is. Here is what to look for:

  • Droppings: Rodent droppings look a bit wider than grains of rice and are dark brown to black in color. This pest pretty much dribbles urine and feces everywhere they go and constantly all day long. They have no bowel or bladder control so if you have rodents, you will find dropping all over, typically along the walls, behind furniture or appliances or in your pantry.
  • Agitated pets: If you notice your dog or cat is moody, nervous, agitated or are acting completely out of character, it could mean that you have many rodents. Dogs and cats can hear their subtle scratching or squeaking within the walls when we cannot.
  • Small tracks or trails in the dust: If it has been some time since you dusted and you notice small rodent tracks along undusted floors, shelves or on top of furniture, this is a good indication you need New Castle rodent control.
  • Musky odor: Almost all animals have an odor to them and rodents leave a musty smell that permeates whatever room they are near. No amount of air freshener can get rid of that smell if you have rodents nearby.
  • Chew and gnaw marks: If you notice furniture, boxes or container have chew marks all over them, this is yet another telltale sign that rodents are doing their dirty work, trying to get into things and cause trouble.

If you notice any of these signs, you could have a decent sized infestation and will need immediate professional New Castle rodent control.

Professional Rodent Control to save the day

Getting rid of rodent problems is not only difficult, it can be dangerous since rodents carry so many deadly diseases. You really do not want to mess around with DIY rodent control as it can be messy and hazardous to your health. Leave it to the professionals. When it comes to rodent control in New Castle, we are experienced in the best and quickest methods to safely remove rodent infestations from your home. The stress of finding a rodent infestation is overwhelming and upsetting to say the least, call Pointe Pest Control today to have your rodent problems vamoosed ASAP.

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