How Many Eggs Does A Mosquito Lay?

how many eggs do mosquitos lay

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Anyone that has had a mosquito infestation knows it’s a huge problem to tackle. This is because mosquitoes produce very quickly, and they produce many eggs at one time. After mating just one time, a female mosquito typically lays approximately 100 eggs. In some cases though, mosquitoes can double this number and lay up to 200 eggs at a time.

Mosquitoes typically produce eggs every third night. Once the female mosquito has produce three sets of eggs, approximately 300 to 600 offspring in total, they will die. The eggs then hatch and those mosquitoes will continue on with the lifecycle, mating and producing and then dying.

Due to the fact that mosquitoes produce hundreds of eggs in just one week, it doesn’t take long for a mosquito problem to become an infestation. It’s for this reason that once a mosquito problem starts, homeowners speak to a pest control service that can help eliminate the insects before they become a serious problem.

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