Does New Jersey Have Black Mosquitoes?

New Jersey Have Black Mosquitoes

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The Asian tiger mosquito is the most common mosquito that bites humans in New Jersey. These mosquitoes got their name due to the fact that their legs have black and white stripes, and they have similar body markings, as well. These mosquitoes are most active from the middle of summer to October.

In 2013, New Jersey had a particularly bad invasion of the Asian tiger mosquito. These invasions are difficult to control because this mosquito is particularly aggressive. Unlike other mosquitoes, these will also attack at any time of the day. They can also breed in very shallow water, making nearly any point of water a possible breeding ground.

It’s believed that these mosquitoes were first introduced into Hawaii in the 1990s. Since that time though, there have been many outbreaks involving the mosquito in several states, with New Jersey being just one of those. It’s important everyone takes the proper measures to limit the breeding capabilities of these mosquitoes and to hopefully eradicate the problem.

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