Can A Mosquito Bite Affect A Pregnancy?

Mosquito bite affect pregnancy

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Due to the fact that mosquitoes carry and transmit so many diseases, a bite can pose a danger to anyone. However, pregnant women should be especially cautious.

The Zika virus, in particular, is known to be very dangerous to unborn babies. If a woman is infected with Zika after she is bitten by a mosquito, she will pass the virus onto her unborn child. The child is then at great risk of developing a birth defect known as microcephaly. The virus can also cause other serious fetal brain defects. It’s just as important that pregnant women are aware they don’t have to get bitten by a mosquito to pass the Zika virus on to her unborn. Having unprotected sex with someone that is infected with Zika can also cause the virus to pass to the unborn child.

The effects of the virus are so bad, pregnant women are advised against traveling to areas that have had Zika virus outbreaks. Expectant women should also always try to avoid mosquito bites. When a mosquito is not infected with a virus, their bite is harmless to pregnant women.

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