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How to Prevent Termites From Invading Your Home

Finding termites in your home is a nightmare no homeowner wants to experience. Termites can quickly take over your home by eating through its wooden structure. Eventually, termites can access the inside of your home by crawling through small openings or by chewing right through the walls.

Unfortunately, your home’s walls aren’t the only things in danger of termite damage. Any wooden furniture in the home can be ruined as well. To ensure this never happens to you, it’s best to know how to prevent termites.

Instead of waiting until it’s too late, consider taking the right precautionary steps to stay on top of termite control before an infestation happens. In the guide below, you’ll discover a few different ways to prevent a termite infestation from happening. Continue reading to learn more!

Maintain a Clean and Dry Environment

The first step in learning how to prevent termites is keeping your home clean and dry. Termites thrive the most in humid and moist environments. For this reason, you tend to see them more in the spring and summer.

You should make sure all drains and gutters are well maintained, especially during these two seasons. Then, think about the rooms in your home where moisture is present the most. This might be your laundry room, your bathrooms, or your basement.

If the humidity levels are high in any of these rooms, then it might be best to use a dehumidifier. Place your dehumidifier in these rooms to help control the moisture level and keep the termites away.

Replace Wooden Furniture With Metal or Plastic

Termites are not only attracted to the wood in your home’s structure but to the wood inside your home as well. If you have many wooden furniture items, then these will attract termites. When possible, consider switching out any wooden furniture items with glass, metal, or plastic ones instead.

Although not all items in the home can be switched out for these materials, it’s best to do what you can. For example, there are many different glass and metal coffee tables, metal bed sets, and more. Take your time and make the switch little by little when it’s time to get new furniture in general.

The less wood in your home, the less attractive it’ll be to the termites.

Make Repairs to Leaks in the Home

If you notice any leaks in your home, even small ones, you should have them repaired immediately. Even the smallest of leaks can attract termites. The leak provides a humid environment and gives the termites a source of water as well.

If a water leak in your home causes damage to the wooden structure, then the damp wood will attract them. Any leaks in your roof, basement, and other areas of your home need to be repaired before it causes damage to your home and brings the termites. You can do regular inspections for leaks in your home to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Reduce the Amount of Paper in the Home

If you have any necessary paper products in your home, then you’ll want to reduce those as well. Keeping newspapers, carboards, and other paper products in your home that you don’t need will only attract termites. If you want to prevent termites from infesting your home, then start decluttering and removing any paper products that you can.

Items stored in cardboard boxes can be transferred to plastic storage bins or plastic containers instead.

Trim Trees and Bushes in the Yard

Any plants, trees, or bushes that are up against your home’s exterior should be trimmed. There should be at least one foot of space between your home’s exterior and trees or bushes. Giving this space allows proper airflow, which helps keep your home dry with low moisture levels.

If there are any issues with your home’s foundation, then you’ll be able to spot it more quickly this way as well. Keep in mind that any wooden furniture outside shouldn’t be placed on top of the soil. Termites can live inside soil as well and placing wooden furniture on top of the soil might cause the termites to infest it.

Conduct a Full Home Inspection

Conducting a full home inspection could give you the answers you need. Inspect your home to determine where the termites are entering. Termites can access your home through small cracks and holes in the walls.

You might notice mud tunnels along your walls. Termites build these to lead them to an entry point. If you find one of these mud tunnels, follow it until you find the entry point.

If you find any small cracks or holes along your home’s exterior, then be sure to seal them properly. Use a fresh coat of water-proof paint over it once the crack or hole is sealed. Any vents should have bug screens on them to deter the termites there as well.

You Can Prevent Termites in Your Home Today

Preventing termites in your home is easy when you follow these simple steps listed above. Instead of struggling with a termite infestation, prevent termites altogether by keeping a clean, dry, well-maintained home with little to no wooden furniture. Need more help preventing and getting rid of termites from the experts?

Pointe Pest Control strives to use eco-friendly methods of eliminating pests and preventing them from coming back. All technicians are trained on each type of pest, what to look for, what attracts each type, and how to prevent each type as well.

Contact us today if you need help preventing or getting rid of termites.

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