How to Prevent Ants from Coming into Your Home?

Preventive Measures to Take and Repellents to Use

When it comes to pest extermination, not all people know how to get rid of ants in the house. It seems that these insects know numerous ways to get in your house: holes in walls, floor and foundation, crevices in the ceiling, basement and attic. Among a huge variety of ants that get inside are black, sugar and carpenter ones. So, how to get rid of ants?

Prevention Is the Best Cure

The common mistake everyone makes is that they start looking for ways out, when the problem has occurred. Why not prevent its appearance? Especially when it is not that hard. In order to prevent ant infestation, keep to the following tips:

  • Keep your house clean, especially the kitchen, as ants get attracted by food sources. Cover attracting substance tightly and clean the furniture surface.
  • Sweep the floor after meals, even little messes can attract ants.
  • Always cover the foods you don’t hide in fridge.
  • Never leave dirty dishes in the sink. Wash them up after each meal.
  • Keep trash cans and bins far from your house.
  • Take the trash out every day.
  • Don’t allow moisture to accommodate on counters and other surfaces, as ants keep looking for water out wherever they can find it and stay near its sources.

For full protection, Pointe Pest Control technicians treat not only the inside of a home but also outside since most pests harbor colonies or attack from the outside. They take care in treating the external perimeter to discourage pests from returning and re-attacking the home.

Andrew IsraelsenHow to Prevent Ants from Coming into Your Home?