How to Keep Raccoons Away From Your Property

Did you know raccoons can live for up to three years?

That’s just enough time to make your life very difficult. Unfortunately, we’re seeing an increase in the number of raccoons entering the human territory.

Pests can be a huge problem once they enter your property. They’re difficult to get rid of and can even bring disease with them.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the top tips for preventing raccoons from turning your home into theirs.

1. Clean Up Your Yard Immediately

Let’s start with the simplest deterrent. Sometimes all it takes to get rid of raccoons is a few hours in your backyard clearing away anything and everything that interests them.

Raccoons are usually on the lookout for food, so don’t make it easy for them by leaving delicious morsels within their reach.

This means removing the BBQ and any crumbs you may have dropped. Do this as soon as you finish eating, not the day after!

Next, make sure your trash can is not spilling over and remove any and all bird food or pet food from the garden.

2. Install Very Tall or Electric Fencing

Are you still noticing raccoons in your backyard even after you’ve tidied away any food? It’s time to kick your plan up a notch by installing fencing.

However, you’ll need to spend some time researching the best fencing material in order to deter raccoons. These creatures are very capable diggers and climbers, so they can scale the highest fencing or burrow underneath it.

Some people recommend electric fencing, but others believe this is cruel. Alternatively, dig and install your fencing deep enough that the raccoon can’t get through.

3. Seal Off Your Chimney Pipe

Did you know that raccoons regularly choose to nest in chimneys? Make sure you buy a chimney cap in order to deter them from building their home here.

However, before you add the cap, check for any animals using a flashlight. You don’t want to trap raccoons inside your house.

Unfortunately, if there are already raccoons hiding out in your chimney then you have a bigger problem than you once thought. It’s time to call out the professionals.

4. Check for Any Other Holes Around Your Home

Next, it’s time to walk around your property looking for holes in your yard or house. Your siding, roof, and even the foundation of your home need to be properly secured.

Amazingly, a raccoon can squeeze into a hole that is as small as just four inches. Therefore, you need to be thorough with your search.

Choose materials such as wood, concrete, or caulk to fill up any holes that you find. As always, check for raccoons before you begin filling in the hole.

5. Invest in Deterrent Motion Sensor Devices

Now that you’ve gotten rid of all the food that is in your home and yard, filled in any holes, and done a thorough check for raccoons, it’s time to buy some prevention methods.

For example, a motion sensor device is a great way to ensure the raccoons are scared off and don’t come back.

There is a huge range of motion sensor devices available. Make sure you check out product reviews before you spend any money.

Hopefully, the lights or ultrasonic sounds that are emitted when a raccoon triggers the motion sensor will completely deter them from coming near your home again.

6. Shout Loudly Whenever You See a Raccoon

Although many think raccoons are cute and cuddly, there are actually pests that can transmit deadly diseases to humans. These cases are rare but do not take the risk.

If ever you see a raccoon near your home, do not encourage it. Instead, shout and make as much noise as possible to scare it away.

Encourage the rest of your family members to do this as well. Although raccoons may appear loveable to children, they can do them a lot of harm.

7. Clean Your Trash Can Regularly

Raccoons will enter your yard if they smell any food at all. Simply cleaning up the food source may not be enough to deter them.

As well as doing this, you should also consider washing out your trash can with chemicals that deter raccoons. Another benefit is that this will also ensure other rodents aren’t attracted to your home too!

Be careful when washing a trash can, wear protective gear including gloves, and don’t get any residue on your skin.

8. Rake Your Backyard Regularly

Avoid leaving huge piles of leaves, rotting vegetation, and fruit or nuts. An enticing food source that raccoons enjoy is the fruit that you may have grown in your backyard.

Make sure you pick these up as soon as they fall! You should also be raking your back yard to ensure that there is nothing tasty for a raccoon to find amongst the fallen leaves.

This will take a few minutes every other day but can hugely deter raccoons meaning you don’t need to take more extreme measures.

9. Call in the Pest Control Professionals

Before you reach for more extreme measures, such as a raccoon trap, it’s time to speak with the professionals.

You don’t want to kill an innocent animal without knowing what you are doing. Instead, find out whether pest control is worth it and then let a professional take care of the problem.

Raccoons Don’t Have to Ruin Your Day

If you’ve noticed raccoons in your backyard and are worrying about getting rid of them, give us a call.

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