Fall Pest Control Pennsylvania

During the fall and winter months, you won’t be paying as much attention to the outside of your home as you do during the spring and summer. The weather is cooling down, leaves have fallen off the trees, and plants and other landscaping needs are not as critical.

However, failing to properly maintain the outside of your home this time of year can create an open invitation for many different types of pests, especially as they seek to stay warm inside your home during the cold winter months.

Fall Bugs & Pests

Fall bugs are abundant – as the seasons change, you’ll see pests coming and going in Pennsylvania. Overwintering pests start making their way inside for shelter, while “summer” bugs, like flies and stinging insects, linger.


Fall bugs aren’t the only thing to watch out for: rodent control and exclusion should be your #1 fall priority, as mice and rats seek a warm place for winter. Walls, closets, pantries, and attics are inviting…and droppings and gnaw marks are signs of a problem. Rodents are typically found in the walls and anywhere there are open food containers. Rodents carry all kinds of diseases and illnesses, entering your home through holes as small as a coin. They can also harm your property, gnawing through wires, leaving behind droppings, and nesting in your insulation. Check the perimeter of your home for any holes or cracks where these four-legged creatures could possibly crawl through.

Pest Control Treatments

Treatments for pest control are offered with one-time solutions for current pest problems or with maintenance plans for regular servicing. Those availing of maintenance plans have the advantage of free re-servicing in-between scheduled maintenance visits.

With its dedication to quality, Pointe Pest Control uses industry-approved products that offer optimal results in eliminating pests with minimal impact to the environment. Organic solutions are also available although may not be applicable to all types of pest problems.


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