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East Windsor, New Jersey is a charming and attractive community filled with quiet neighborhoods and beautiful landscapes. This enchanting township has beautifully manicured parks for residents to enjoy, breathtaking outdoor sights and exciting outdoor recreation. Residents enjoy the peace this little town offers but that peace is greatly disrupted if you find that pests are encroaching upon your personal space. Backyard barbeques, picnics and park days in the summertime are enjoyable but not if pests are crashing your party. Wasps, bees, mosquitoes and ants are common troublemakers in any outdoor function. While they cannot be completely removed in the great outdoors, their populations can be drastically reduced around your yard.

Professional pest control in your yard

East Windsor pest control can greatly improve your happiness in your backyard. If you enjoy working in the garden, patio picnics or watching the kids play in the backyard, keeping pests away is essential to the comfort you feel. How is this done? Well, first of all, professional West Windsor pest control specialists are experienced at treating hot spots of pest activity around your yard. Wasps are one particular insect that loves infesting around your home or yard. They typically build nests under the eaves of your windows or roof, under the porch or some species even dig holes in your yard. Treating these nests requires special care and protection as wasps can be aggressive if they feel threatened. The emit a pheromone signaling to the rest of the hive that danger is near and wasps can attack those who pose as a threat. This is a serious situation for your family who might unknowingly get too close to their hive. Professional technicians carefully remove these wasp nests and by scheduling routine inspections, you can ensure they will not be returning.

Outdoor pest problems can be avoided

Upon inspection of your yard, a professional pest control technician can point out problem areas in your yard. For instance, the mosquito population in your yard can be greatly reduced by following a few simple sips:

  • Eliminate standing water: Mosquitoes can lay their eggs in as little as ½ inch of standing water. Avoiding puddles, drainage pools and other moist spots will make it harder for mosquitoes to lay their eggs near your home.
  • Trim back vegetation: When mosquitoes aren’t searching for blood, they feed on plant nectar while they hide in tall, cool, thick grasses. Removing this temptation reduces your mosquito percentage.
  • Plant mosquito repelling plants or burn citronella: Citronella candles are a great way to keep mosquitoes away from a backyard BBQ but you may also consider planting lavender, peppermint, basil or marigolds to inhibit their fulfillment in your yard.
Keep your home pest free year round

No matter the season, pests can infest and become a big problem. Never let your guard down. Schedule routine inspections and preventative treatments year round to keep your home safe and your family protected. They are the most important things in life and we are happy to help you defend them.

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