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The town of East Brunswick, New Jersey is a nice mix of residential suburbs and sprawling rural landscapes and farms. The residents are committed to quality education and school are exceptional. 90% of East Brunswick students go on to higher education and degrees. The high school in town has been named a Star School by the state of New Jersey because of the extraordinary performance scores. But it’s not just all work and no play, residents of East Brunswick appreciate recreation and relaxation at the Crystal Springs Aquatic Facility. With an olympic sized swimming pool, lazy river and waterslide, there is no place better to spend a hot summer day. Finish the day with a relaxing day on the golf course or tennis courts and you’ve got it made. But for all of the finer things East Brunswick offers, it’s hard to remember how lucky you are when you are dealing with the disaster of pest infestation in your home.

How pests avoid detection

Discovering a pest infestation is akin to a gut punch. The loss of appetite that ensues when you realize that they have been into your food, you possessions and have damaged your home is a sickening feeling. But why didn’t you notice them before? Suddenly there are hundreds or thousands? It seems impossible that you wouldn’t have noticed these pests before such a number multiplied. The reason is because as pests start invading, their numbers are fewer. As a protective instinct, they are adept at concealment as a defense. Their senses are highly developed to keep them alive. The fact that you did not notice them is completely understandable because you weren’t looking for them and they take advantage of that. As their numbers grow however, it becomes increasingly more difficult for them to hide and they also become careless. Discovery becomes inevitable.

Where pests hideout

You may wonder where these pests have been hiding. There are many answers for that depending on the pest and your professional East Brunswick pest control specialist can answer these for you. Typically, pests go for dark corners, closets, basements, attics, inner walls and under furniture. These places are not highly trafficked places within your home so they can multiply and hide their families easily in these places. Pest control technicians at Pointe Pest Control have treated thousands of homes so knowing where to look for pests is second nature to them. Pests cannot hide from us and if they slip past our notice, our effective treatments will remove them soon enough.

Safe methods of pest removal

If you have children or pets, you might worry about harmful pesticides or chemicals being used around your home to treat pests. With Pointe Pest Control, you can dismiss this worry immediately. Replacing harmful pests with toxic chemicals is not a happy trade off. This will not happen when we treat your home. Our methods include non-toxic, safe and effective treatments specifically designed to target pest control without any side effects or danger to your family. This is complete peace of mind pest control. Ease your worries today with experienced East Brunswick pest control.

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