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Why are Earwigs Taking Over My Home?

No one wants to live in house filled with earwigs. If your lucky and the earwigs have only taken over your yard, it is likely you would prefer to handle them before they make their way inside of your home. While earwigs are harmless, having hundreds of them camped out in a pile on your deck or in your kitchen is not one bit appealing. Have you asked yourself why it is that earwigs are suddenly appearing in great numbers? We have answers for you to consider regarding your earwig infestation.

Preferred Living Conditions

To start, it helps if you understand why earwigs are living in your yard or home. Earwigs prefer to live in an area that is damp and cool. If you have little children, they have probably found many earwigs underneath of rocks as they turn them over as they play outside. Earwigs camp underneath of rocks during the day because the soil is both cool and moist. They come out during the evening and night to look for food, similar to spiders. A few earwigs living under the rocks in your yard is nothing to worry about.

Since they prefer to live in cool, dark places homeowners tend to find them in places that are both cool and dark inside of their home. Basements, underneath appliances, and in laundry hampers are a few popular places for earwigs to migrate to inside of your home. Basements are probably one of the most common areas for earwig infestations to happen. If you have an unfinished basement the chances of earwigs moving in is higher than someone with a finished basement. Underneath of appliances is a great option as well. The area is dark and cool, and often provides them with a perfect source of food as spills occur often in the kitchen. Laundry hampers often house wet clothing or towels which is prime real estate for an earwig.

Another place you may see earwigs is on your decking. Summertime and little children almost always mean that there are going to be wet beach towels left scattered across the deck of your home after they are finished swimming, playing in sprinklers, or having slip in slide contests in your yard. Similar to a wet hamper, this is a perfect place for earwigs to camp out and you will likely find many when you shake the towl out. Wet decking and overwatered planters are also great habitats on your deck for earwigs to make their home. One of the best things you can do is try and keep the water on your deck to a minimum.

Eliminating Preferred Habitats

The best way to eliminate earwigs in your home is to remove any of the preferred living conditions that you are providing them with. Some of the places that we have mentioned can be handled on your own. However, if the infestation is more serious you may need to contact us to come in and assist you. When earwigs make their way into your basement there are many places for them to roam. It can be very difficult for a homeowner to locate them all and remove them. We are trained and efficient in finding the pest as well as the source of the pest and removing them for your home.

No one wants to live amongst earwigs. If you have a problem with earwigs, either in your yard or inside of your home, contacting the experts at Pointe Pest Control is always the best option. We understand earwigs and can remove them and return your sense of sanity.


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