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Earwig Control in Pennsylvania & New Jersey

Earwigs have long, slender bodies, are brown, reddish-brown, or black in color, and are most easily recognized by a pair of long pincers at the end of their abdomens. These pincers are curved on males, and straight on females. While some species have no wings at all, others possess leathery forewings and nearly transparent hindwings. Most species of earwgs with wings, however, only rarely fly.

The name “earwig” derives from a popular superstition that earwigs crawl in people’s ears, burrow into the brain, and then lay eggs. However, this myth has no basis in fact. Earwigs do prefer dark, moist areas, so it is possible for them to crawl into sleeping people’s ears, but there is no danger that they will bore into the brain or cause any damage at all. Like most insects, earwigs will bite if provoked, but they do not pose any significant health risk to humans. Their scent glands also have a built-in defense mechanism that allows them to produce a bad-smelling, yellowish-brown liquid if threatened, but while this unpleasant, it is not dangerous.

Earwig Control

Homeowners looking to prevent earwig infestation should eliminate dampness in crawlspaces, create dry borders around foundation walls, and seal up small openings, such as spaces under doors and cracks in window frames, through which earwigs can enter. Additionally, because earwigs are attracted to lights, it may be wise to reduce the amount of outdoor lighting around the home, or switch to sodium vapor yellow lamps, which are less attractive to the insects.

Once earwigs have established themselves in and around the home, they can be removed outdoors by means of trapping, using oatmeal or bran as bait. Indoors, earwigs can be killed by hand, or removed by vacuum cleaner.

Professional Earwig Control

A professional exterminating service, such as Pointe Pest Control in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, can take care of your earwig problem efficiently. Exterminators train or apprentice before they begin working independently and know a great deal about insects and insect removal. Contacting a professional exterminator can save you both time and money. The sooner you call a licensed exterminator, the sooner your family’s home and lives can return to normal. Call the pest control professional at Pointe Pest Control in Pennsylvania and New Jersey Today.

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